U is for UFO ~ #AtoZChallenge

Well seeing as I always write about some sort of medical related post, “Doctor, Doctor” by UFO only seems fitting.  I just couldn’t go with the popular U2.  I was force downloaded Songs of Innocence to my iPod which later was transferred to my iPhone.  Now when I walk, I have to skip through the morass of U2 to get to my jam.  No offense to any U2 lovers.

Me?  I only know a handful of U2’s songs.  Same for UFO but I went the lesser known way.  Plus I kind of like the Michael Schenker story.  “Scorpions” is the S group I would have used had it not been for “Snow Patrol”. Michael was part of “Scorpions” before branching out.  And that accent.  I sometimes replay Klaus Meine screaming “We LOVE you San Antonio” right before their 3rd encore of the Scorpions 1981 tour.  Swoon.  To the wiki

Adding a bonus track of Love to Love –

As always, more to come.


7 thoughts on “U is for UFO ~ #AtoZChallenge

    1. This is awesome that you wrote about it when it happened. I first blamed my kid and turned out to be the automatic downloads.


  1. Funny, I was never a U2 person but when the “free” download came I listened to and actually like a lot of the songs. You know you can uncheck the little box in front of the song on your playlist and it won’t play, right?

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