Happy Easter Now and Then

I always enjoyed Easter. It was even better than Christmas in my book. This year was a quiet affair as it has been for a while now considering our 1/2 empty nest, deceased grandparents on both sides, deceased parents on my side and deceased brothers one each. I’m not sad about it though. That’s life.

Sorry I didn’t warn you about the detour. Hope you enjoyed ole blue eyes.

Back to my nostalgic stream. I could probably write a book about all of my Easter adventures from a wee lass to an old lady and everything in between. But because I’ve learned that more than 500 words typically doesn’t get read, I will stick to one memory at a time. Next year I might start a series beginning on Ash Wednesday. Or I’ll get lazy and forget. Can you imagine 40 Easter stories from me? Oy vey.

Speaking of the volume, today marks 251 posts in a row. Yahoo! Yahtzee. Cmon Jilly. The memory. People are waiting.

One year our parents gave us Easter egg colored chicks of the real alive variety. This is a big no-no. All the animal-rights folks are going to be up at arms. But you have to remember this was the 70s we didn’t know then what we know now.

I am fairly certain that the gift was not planned. As a matter of fact, if memory serves there was a Rando on the side of the road with boxes of colored chicks. My parents pulled over and bought four. Then they brought them home and we each chose our color.

Now this is where things get fuzzy because I think my chick was the green one but my chick could’ve also been the purple one. What I do remember with clarity is there was a red and a blue and a green and a purple. We named them as well. And I’m back to fuzzy.

Except for my brother GP’s. His was named Rhode Island Red. And Rhode Island Red was taken to grandma J’s that summer. They all were. Red enjoyed a long and fruitful life as king of the roost. He took over the hen house and dominated. That chick turned out to be one mean bird. The other three sadly didn’t fair so well.

Again that’s life. Ah and it’s a good one.

As always more to come.

6 thoughts on “Happy Easter Now and Then

  1. Hope your Easter Sunday was nice, even if the kiddos are all grown now. I miss it all too, now that they have their own little ones to make memories with.
    I do remember getting those live chicks & ducklings for Easter back in the 50s, too. They were so cute. When they got bigger we’d give the chicks to our next door neighbor, who had a large chicken coop with a bunch of them. The ducks, we’d take to the park so they could mingle and swim with the ones there. 🙂

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    1. See then no reason for animal activists to be up at arms. Ours were re-homed too. The three that did not do well was survival of the fittest, circle of life with the existing coop.

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