All That Glitters

The #SoCS prompt was rib which generated a couple of Adam and Eve entries. These entries got me thinking about a theme song. I remembered bits and pieces of the words but the name of the show and song escaped me. Here’s what I knew for sure:

  • I was injured in a motorcycle accident during Battle of Flowers weekend of my 6th grade year (this is important because it helped me time stamp what I was looking for).
  • I missed several days of school.
  • Because I was convalescing my parents let me have the TV in my room.
  • I had my nights and days mixed up and I would stay up very late.
  • The show came on after Mary Hartman Mary Hartman.
  • The show was controversial. I remember vividly being anxious that I’d get caught and be in big trouble for watching it. Same with “Soap” but I watched it too.

Then wah la. “All That Glitters” popped into my head. Norman Lear pushing the envelope. Anyone else recall this gem?

Blasphemy but go on and listen anyway.

One morning the Lord she woke up to say I feel like I wanna be creative today

So by a virtue of the power I have invested in me

I make the heaven the earth and the deep blue sea

Things that swim, fly, walk, fly, creep and crawl

Now I better make someone to name them all

Yes human was needed in the neighborhood

So the lord made woman and it was good

She said the Garden of Eden is no place to be alone

And from the rib of a Madame came Adam full grown

As time went by these two went right

They followed the instructions and multiplied

She’d hunt

He’d cook

She worked

He played

While she administered the government he crocheted

She wore the male

He wore the veil

Her head was crowned

His feet were bound

He’d concubine and walk behind

She was a pardon the expression a mastermind

So is it any wonder why the men complain since from the dawn of time it’s been a woman’s domain

Weird how our minds work.

As always, more to come.

14 thoughts on “All That Glitters

  1. “I had my nights and days mixed up and I would stay up very late.”

    That sound like me for my entire summer vacation.

    And don’t forget, Adam and Eve were naked until they made up a bunch of silly rules and ruined everything.

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  2. My memories are often all jumbled up. Things other people in the family swear to are nowhere in my brain. I doubt they’re lying, I just can’t seem to conjure up the memory…either way, it is what it is.

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    1. Iโ€™ve a theory thereโ€™s just too much to remember it all so we each take different memories. Throw in individual perceptions and all bets are off.


  3. This post took me right back to high school and watching those shows too! Mary Hartman, Mary Hartman…! I don’t remember the Glitter one though. I do remember feeling the way you described – naughty for watching them while my parents thought I was sleeping. Norman Lear pushed the envelope, yes he did. Thanks for the walk down memory lane!

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    1. All that Glitters only ran from April to July. To ahead of its’ time. In looking for the clip, people would say I thought I dreamed it and stuff like that. I only saw it because I was out of school at the time. Blink and you missed it.

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  4. I do not remember that show (prolly before me, I dunno) but I do remember Soap and liked it. Liked it again years later when I was old enough to enjoy all the nuances.
    It’s funny you remember convalescing that way — I remember having my tonsils out at age 4 — and I remember bits and pieces right before and in recovery at the hospital — but I have a clear memory of convalescing. I got to sleep/sit/play on the fold out sofa in the den, with the tv, and my mother constantly brought me cold yellow Gatorade, 7up, ice cream, and popsicles and all the visitors brought toys. When my parents came in to watch tv in the evening, my father would climb up beside me. It was seriously one of the best times EVERRR! LOL

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