Busy, Busy, Busy and Still Time to Overthink

Rant time!  Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhh Calgon take me away.  I need a break y’all.  Truly I do! and today I get one. And Saturday and Sunday too.  I am going to release the hounds and then forget about everything.  This shall otherwise be known as purge in written form.

Half the day is gone and I have marked quite a few to-dos off my list.  It’s a working break y’all to get through my “at home” list since I have been deferring in favor of my paying gig.  Which is good by the way.  Busy and keeping me sane actually.   My day job distracts and is one place I feel some semblance of control.  Which I know is not “real” as opposed to “fake” life.  Control is just an illusion.

B is around here too … somewhere … outside trimming as I hear a faint buzzing sound.

What’s marked off –

  • Dogs heart wormed, refills purchased, rebate submitted
  • House cleaned
  • Groceries for next week 1/2 purchased
  • Food prepped for Saturday’s and Sunday’s shindigs
  • Medical claim disputed and settled – subject of another boring med meat market post to follow if I can ever land the plane
  • Property Tax Appraisal protest request submitted online for an old school in yo face protest.  I have my evidence y’all!!!
  • Auto loan refinance preliminaries done but still mulling over what to actually do

What’s still worrying me –

  • Health – mental, physical, emotional
  • Under-employment – this is a step up in my mood actually
    • B isn’t un-employed exactly
    • Things are just sloooowww
  • Divorce (not us)
  • Finances
  • State of the world
  • All facets of my children’s lives of which I have removed myself because they are adults <gasp>
  • My recent ticket – what a waste and shame on me

Though all isn’t lost.  I felt such a sense of peace come over me while driving back home after getting my FREE customer service appreciation drink from QT.  As I pulled up into our driveway and parked my paid off car at my paid off house, I took notice of my surroundings.  I almost NEVER do that.  I usually RUSH.  Not today y’all, it’s vacay.

The sky is the brightest blue.  The field is a lush green and sprinkled with yellow wildflowers.  Looks like a polished postcard.  But nope, this is real time live. And I realize, I got nothing … to worry or complain about.

As always, more to come.


Q is for Queen ~ #AtoZChallenge

QUEEN!!! Well of course I HAVE to pick Queen.  After yesterday’s rambling, I will be short and sweet.  Hard to pick just one but for me “Under Pressure” helps release the pressure of day to day. Choosing “Under Pressure”  was also a way to get David Bowie into this series as I went D is for Doobie Brothers.

Now to the wiki 

As always, more to come.