B’s Lucky He Didn’t End Up On Dateline

I enjoy watching Dateline or any show of the true crime variety.  Doing so helps me escape even if only for the briefest moments.  My friend who told me to watch Lifetime so I could cry with explanation, also enjoys these shows.  I think her favorite is Snapped.

I cannot stand Live PD though.  B watches it when there is nothing else on.  More often than not that is EVERY weekend.  To me, that’s too much truth.  I’d rather the writers sanitize the story for consumption.  Live and in person is too personal.  People at their weakest moments.  That’s not entertainment to me.

B went to our place in the hills today.  He wanted to me go along but I just couldn’t.  You see we may have to sell it and by staying away, it’ll make the loss less so.  Or so I tell myself anyway.  Truth be told, I needed another “me” day.  So soon you ask?  Yes so soon.

I am in my head too much and not sleeping and self-care was what the doctor ordered.  I woke up on my time without an alarm.  I organized my stuff and got the grocery shopping done.  I am headed back out for free stuff and to fill up my car.  Checking items off my list is priceless.

B just called to check in.  He likes to drop bombs on me.  The conversation went something like this:

B: Hey, did you go to the store already?

Me: Yes I got everything except the potatoes.  They were bad again.  I’ll go back later in the week.

B: Well I got side tracked this morning.

Me: Side tracked how? What’s wrong? (Thought bubble a wreck or worse, just spit it out already)

B: I was about 20 miles outside Rock Springs and I saw a man and his daughter walking down the road.  They flagged me down and I stopped for them.

B continued:  their truck had broken down on their place and luckily I had the jump starter kit with me.  (Last time my battery died, he got two kits, one for each of us.  While I have zero idea how to use it, I too have the same kit in my trunk.  Me? I would have called 911 to report two stranded motorists on RRDS 674 instead of stopping).

Me: Your drove complete strangers back to their truck?  Really?  You’re lucky you didn’t end up on a show like Dateline.

B:  Jill the girl was maybe 13/14 years old.  I wasn’t going to leave them.  I didn’t make my usual stop in Kerrville.    Don’t you see?  I was meant to be there. 

The rest of the conversation was about what he still needed to do and when thought he’d be home.  He’s a good guy y’all.  Lucky in lots of respects.  Hoping the stars align and send some self-employment juju his way.

As always, more to come.