Thursday Musings

All week I’ve been one day ahead.  Which sucks because tomorrow is not SATURDAY.  Ugh.  One more day of the grind.

Why do I say things like grind?  I over exaggerate dear ones.  My work does not involve grinding.  Lol.  Now that was be a sight.  Not for sore eyes but a sight all the same.

Any who.

Ambien is no bueno.  Ask anyone.  Was suggested I get an RX for some cuz ya know, the not sleeping is slowly killing moi.  My friend told me about her Ambien experience.  She was riding horses all night while dressed like a Gladiator.  No joke.  Her body was rested but her mind went through a medieval tournament.

Wait am I in the wrong era??  Why do I not get a simple yes or no answer when I Google “do gladiators joust?”  SIMPLE yes or no people!!!!!

I have heard worse.  The Ambien defense.  And once a while back while grieving my parents deaths, I filled the Ambien RX.  Read the possible side effects and was like uh hell to the no.  Did not take a single pill.  I am sure B would watch out for me but good god.  The risk!  I am risk adverse.  One day I will sleep again.  Until then … I won’t. Uh duh.

I left work a bit early today … I don’ feel guilty … but I DO.  Despite the three prior 10 hour days.  I’ll hit my 40 @ 9 am tomorrow.  I left because I needed to find a purple shirt.  Ya see tomorrow we purple out.  In support of military children.  April is their month.  Can’t think of a better reason to purple out.

Off I went to Target.  The only purple was a man’s polo.  I am a medium-sized man or a large woman.  The sweet clerk told me not to feel bad.  To him I looked like a small man cuz the shirts are cut slim; everyone is a size up.   Hmmm, alrighty then.

I really don’t care y’all.  But I DO!  Though I shouldn’t.  If I could only turn off that little voice inside my head.

As always, more to come.