Okay Y’all, This is Funny

I have ranted about the FB ban of my blog.  Either the bots got me, someone ratted me out, or a combination of the two.  I will never know but I have been attempting to crack the code and get back in.  I did get a notification that the FB committee reconsidered one of my posts and that my post would be posted.  Despite the notification, that did not happen.  My new stuff is still being rejected.

Any hoo, I set up another account on FB using my middle name and an alternate associated email.  I keep getting texts for the new middle name account – all the you may know so and so.  Things of that nature.  Just now my text says and I quote “Jill is FB, if you know her send her a friend request”.  Uh ya, I guess I know me but will I send myself a friend request?  Naw.  I surrender.  At least Twitter and Instagram accept me.

As always, more to come.


17 thoughts on “Okay Y’all, This is Funny

  1. Over a year ago, if you wanted to administer a page on Facebook (that was under your care) you had to choose to work as that persona. These days, FB “intelligently” chooses who you are representing. I get notices that “No Facilities commented on your recent post” (on No Facilities page). And, when it thinks I am “No Facilities” it suggests that I might like Dan. Personally, I don’t trust that guy.

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  2. Are y’all stalking yourselves? Somebody in the fam got bounced the other day. She had no idea why. I told her about the bots and that I think they are taking over.

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