Releasing the Hounds

I was asked what do you think about x? I gave a candid opinion that was anything but favorable. Now x is a reality. I feel set up. Boy am I screwed.

Time to go back into my shell. I’m so embarrassed. See you again when I’m 99.

D is for Doobie Brothers ~ #AtoZChallenge

I feel obligated (sort of)  to pick this group since they wrote a song about my current city of residence.  Yes I’m “talkin‘ ‘bout China Grove. Oh, Oh, China Grove“.  And whether they knew it or not, the place stuck to the lyrics and is our claim to fame … first  the Wiki article to serve as proof! Ha! I told ya. 

This song reminds me of a former boss you used to always call me “Jill the Pill from China Grove” as I term of endearment.  At least I hope it was endearing because even if it wasn’t that’s how I took it.  He was my boss in 2006 when we went through the home invasion.  A good person.  True salt of the Earth.  He made himself available to talk for many months afterwards when everyone else was giving us “space”.  I will never forgot that.

What’s that?  Nothing.  I just got something in my eye.  I am not crying, you’re crying.  Let’s move along, nothing to see here except the video: 

As always, more to come.