#1linerWeds. 4/3/19

In keeping with an unofficial theme of TV show one liners, here’s Shelly.

Um, uh, in a hundred years, you’ll both be dead and it won’t matter? ~ Sheldon Cooper to Penny.

I’m a worrier and I should follow his sage advice. The “it won’t matter” part.Seriously!??! Yes seriously Meredith Grey. Lol.

Happy hump day! Now join the fun!!

As always more to come.

7 thoughts on “#1linerWeds. 4/3/19

  1. If you get a lot of pings from me today, I’m just catching up on all the posts I’ve missed. I think I follow your blog more closely than any other.

    You are also better for my mental health, what little I have left..

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      1. Been re-editing, revising, deleting, and combining my blog posts. I’m down to 61 posts from about 150. The sole criteria for deleting is whether there are recent views. If nobody at all has viewed them in a long time, they aren’t directing people to my site.

        Then sometimes I’ll do multiple posts on a show as it progresses so I’ve combined them with a bit of cut and paste of the HTML.

        Turns out nobody is interested in my space posts. 😦 OTOH anything about being a nudie gets lots of hits. 😀

        The ones I am undecided about are sitting back in my drafts

        Any post dealing with Bay to Breakers is immortal. I’m getting hundreds of views on two-year-old posts as it draws near.

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      2. I need to do that too. I haven’t looked at my stats in a while. Always good to spruce up the place. I’m glad Beach to Bay is immortal because it should be.

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