Censorship and Freedom of Speech, Nary The Two Shall Meet

Really Dubsie? This early in the morn. You’re spouting philosophies. Well what else am I going to do but muse while I wait. And this one has been percolating for a while.

Being banned really pissed me off. I even set up a new account using my middle name and different email address trying to link my WP as a workaround. My attempts failed. And now I keep getting notices of people I may know for someone else. Well it’s me but when seeing my middle name, I forget for a split second. It’s kinda funny actually. Cecilia you may know …

I’m still at a loss how I could be banned. It wasn’t my haiku about the stealth wildlife photog because I’d been banned earlier. I’ve gotten more intel and apparently my posts regarding mental health were offensive. Or maybe it’s mental un-health. Admitting the human frailty of life. That offends. Yes it did. All the while political hate on both sides is allowed.

Not fair! But alas no one ever said life was fair. In my humble opinion, words should not be banned. Ya that’s right. Even that awful sickening hate speech. I have the option to scroll on by. If I stop to wallow with the haters, that’s on me. If I don’t like it, I shouldn’t look, comment, or otherwise react. You see reaction perpetuates the ignorance. Ignoring shuts down the commentary. But only if everyone follows suit.

Any who you can’t fight city hall. Instead I’m gonna veg out on People Magazine as I wait for B to be done. Then we’ll spend a workweek day together. That rarely happens. I’m grateful for moments like these.

As always more to come.

15 thoughts on “Censorship and Freedom of Speech, Nary The Two Shall Meet

  1. Half my posts would get me banned from ANY of the popular social media sites.

    What kind of post have you ever done that would get you banned from FB? Unlike me, you keep your clothes on online and I’ve never seen anything by you that could possibly be hate speech.

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  2. Randomly banished from the social net-nutery of the century (so far). Most I know who were forced to walk the plank knew why (so did the entire world — LOL). Maybe some hidden skill you have to piss off automatons?

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  3. Welcome poppet to the CENSORSHIP that now controls UK. Here you cannot SAY OR WRITE any words that the “CENSORSHIP BRIGADE” who have nothing else to do, without them pouncing and Banning etc you on whatever sites you may use. Here its very common for those like myself who voted for BREXIT to leave the drunks/perverts who run the EU, to be called RACISTS/FASCISTS/BIGOTS etc but dare you call one poor little whinging/whining/moaning spoilt brat remainer who have had DEMOCRACY removed from the UK one of those names & the Police start knocking on ones door “Hate Crime” they chant. The World has been destroyed by the Far Left, sorry to anyone who may vote that way, but this is my opinion and that of the 17.4 million who had their Democratic votes taken from them and have to tolerate the state police & Dictatorship we now live under, so welcome to this new World – and they said that Germany 1930s/Hitler and the Nazis would never happen again?? Try looking at the labour party here run by the biggest ANTI-SEMITE (Corbyn and his cohorts) you will find, not only that but a blatant Terrorist supporter, fine for these people to spew their filthy but call them a name – oh dear. Even CENSORSHIP on flying the Flag of one’s Country. Hope that never reaches America. Now the TRUTH is BANNED all those in charge of these sites determine they will only allow what they want and that excludes ALWAYS THE TRUTH. Hope you and the Family are keeping well, all the best poppet.

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    1. Thanks Anna for your heartfelt comments.

      I’m looking for silver linings in all that’s going on. But on some days I just want to hide. I stepped away from the day to day for two days (today is my second day off) and it’s already working.

      Blessings to you my dear one.

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      1. I was given a workaround to link WP to FB by creating a page. The page worked for a while. I know of at least four other bloggers whose page still works. The workaround stopped working. That’s when I tried the copy paste method. That didn’t work either and I got an error message that others have deemed my posts offensive. There are some other WP bloggers in the same boat as me and they are no longer able to share by link or copy paste. All of us touch on mental health at some point or another. And poetry … who in the world would’ve thought poetry was offensive but oh well.


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