#SoCS for 3/23/19 ~ Subject From My Mail

Oooohh now if that title doesn’t grab your attention, I don’t know what will.  Linda is changing it up for us.  She says and I quote ” Your Friday prompt for Stream of Consciousness Saturday is “the last piece of mail you received.” Talk about the subject of the last piece of physical mail you received, i.e. a gas bill–talk about gas, not the bill itself. Have fun!”

First question – Does anybody get physical mail anymore?  I for one loath the mess created by paper.  Ugh!  I am a minimalist.  Paper = bad.  Trees not yet paper = good.  Paper from something besides trees = okay. except those chemicals will likely kill us.  I am following the Purple Almond and I saw this – look y’all educational stuff.

And now I can hear you saying WTF is she on about.  The she is me.  Jilly.  Mind and thoughts racing.  Playing tricks.  Tumbling around here in ye olde noggin.

Okay.  take two.  What is the subject of the last piece of physical mail we got?  Well it was a request for a notarized statement because we are cashing in life insurance.  The only reason we had this policy was so Lulu could go summer camp for cheap.  A fraternal benefit from her junior rider.

Life insurance … for your children … makes me queasy to think about because no one should lose a child.  Horrific.  I saw what my dad and my in-law’s went through after losing their respective sons.  There is nothing quite like the anguish.  I can only imagine and something I’d rather deny.  Mortality.  I am not too happy with the direction this stream went but again the mind wants what the mind wants.

Maybe I should switch back from online to paper mail?? Then I’d be writing all about gas.  Ah just imagine where that would’ve gone.

To join in or see the works extraordinaire, look here for the rules and ping back.


16 thoughts on “#SoCS for 3/23/19 ~ Subject From My Mail

  1. We had policies on our kids too. Unfortunately, the ones we had for the first two were just term life so when they turned 21 I offered them the opportunity to continue them but what 21 year old with minimum wage jobs wants to pay life insurance? For our youngest we got a Whole Life one and since she is now 21 I gave the policy to her. She hasn’t decided what she’s going to do so for now she just paid the premium for another year. She almost was going to cash it in and then got a great job so now she’s sitting on it.

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    1. I am with you what 21 year old with minimum wage job would want to pay life insurance premiums. In Lulu’s case it is what 21 year old with no job – full time student. I really wanted her to take the paid in full conversion. No more payments and a small payout in case of the unspeakable. You just never know.
      Car accident, etc… world is a wild card. Kudos to your youngest for hanging on to the coverage.
      B and I are considering prearrangement. It is what my parents did and that made things a whole lot easier.

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  2. As I told you over at my place, we hate paper, too.

    The idea behind buying life insurance for your kids is that you give it to them when they leave home. Whole life accrues additional insurance, so that by the time the kid turns 21 it’s worth a whole lot more. I have a $5000 policy that Mom bought when I was 10 or 11 that now has a death benefit of about $12,000 (it’d be worth more if I hadn’t chosen to use the dividends and paid-up additional insurance to pay the premium about 20 years ago) and a surrender value well above the face amount. Mary has a $1000 policy her mom bought that’s worth some incredible amount of money now. It’s a small investment, but pretty valuable.

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    1. Yes you are right. Though we bought her life insurance for discounted summer camp and dance classes, we knew there were other benefits. We just didn’t fully understand them. We are giving the policy to her now. She just turned 21 in December. She has three options and we’re staying mum on which one she chooses. I suggested the paid in full guarantee but she’s dead set on surrendering. What does mom know?!?

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    1. I’ll be glad when I can completely forget it. I’m in constant clutter thanks to junk mail. Maybe I need to quit overthinking and just toss it in the recycling unopened.

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