Saturday Ramblings – Obsessing Over Health

I didn’t fill you guys in on my HRA.  I got there early.  Duh Captain Obvious, you’re habitually early.  I did an online sign in therefore the only paperwork required was the single page signature to disclose my results to Limeade for my points.  My appointment was at 7:45 AM CST and by 7:58 AM CST I was done!  How’s that for curb side service?

I received 400 of the 500 points.  I narrowly made it to 400 because my fasting blood sugar was 104.  It took the nurse 3 finger sticks to get enough blood for the tiny tube and she said the machine was likely not calibrated because it kept timing out too quickly.  She told me I looked pale, asked if I was dizzy and mentioned I was likely dehydrated.  My blood pressure was very low.  Well I meditated in my car a good 1/2 hour before going in.  Doh!

She opted to re-test on a different machine.  And wah-la down to 97.  Anything under 100 gets you the 100 points.  Though I feel like a cheater.  Maybe we should have taken the reading one more time?  Done an average or something.  Oh well.  Moving on.

I did not get the full 500 points because I am obese.  My BMI is over the recommended 25 which puts me at risk.  In actuality, they took obese off the forms when they got in trouble years ago.  We live in a PC world y’all.  When the sweet nurse told me she thought BMI should not be a measure of health, I assured her that for me it was.  I have no muscle lady.  Just look at me.  My more than 25 BMI comes from living an almost sedentary lifestyle.   My walking regime is new and truth be told since I took three days off during Spring Break, I have not started back in earnest.  Only takes two weeks to lose a habit so Monday my walking is back on like Donkey Kong.  LOL.

I went to get breakfast at the company cafe afterwards.  We have kiosks to order from now which many folks complain about.  I did not mind.  I made my custom order of an egg white omelet.  The cost was 1/2 price healthy choice.  I scarfed it down because ya know 12 hours of fasting is enough to make anyone ravenous.  Just how the heck will I accomplish IF.  If I still even want to try that.  We could go back to the days of starving myself.  Not good y’all.  Very no bueno.  I promised here and now that I will not do that ever again.

As always, more to come.


9 thoughts on “Saturday Ramblings – Obsessing Over Health

  1. Congrats on your 400! Before I started Keto I went and had some routine blood drawn just to see where I was. All my markers are fine except the A1C test for diabetes, which I already know I have and which I take meds for. That was a little higher than last November but I expect it to go down with the Keto. Walking is another issue. I was counting all the moving from the house to the studio as my exercise but now that I’m done with that guess it’s time to walk around the block again.

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    1. Let me know how it goes with the Keto. Hope your A1C goes down because of it. Good luck with the walking too. I always enjoy the walks afterwards. I need to just get out there and not make my excuses.

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      1. Yes, now that the physical activity of moving into the Studio and painting are over, it will be time for me to start walking around the block. 6.6 pounds lost in 2 weeks 🙂

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      2. I hear you, although truthfully I’m missing fruit! We had Lemon Blackberry Muffins and Double Chocolate muffins (1/2 of each) for dessert last night after planning and cooking some of our meals for this week. It has been a really fun bonding experience with my daughter too. Double the benefits.

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