Awww I Love My Lobster

And by lobster I mean B.  Big Bad Billy Bob.  And some of you are like what?!?!?  My lobster from the “Friends” episode.  My mate for life.

First a brief interlude to the episode –


Our conversation went something like this …

B: Do you want to get up, get dressed and come with me to get the plants for the garden?

Me: No, not really.

B: Yes, you do.  Come on.

And we went to Lowe’s (they are less expensive than Fanick’s).  Then to Home Depot where they had a better selection.  We came home and he asked me to help him plant.  He did all the digging and I added fertilizer into the holes. If he had not given me the nudge, I’d still be sitting in one spot in my worry nest feeling all sorry for myself. Now I have a renewed spirit.  Sometimes just moving around helps.  I need to remember that.

Oh and look here comes the rain.  Just in time for our newly planted veggies.  Now that’s the sweet stuff.

As always, more to come.

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