… We’ve done some stupid things …

who the hell buys a vehicle AFTER they lose their job?!?!?

and no I am still gainfully employed

guess he has to get from point A to point B

Plus he is working but side stuff

oh the anxiety

Back to self employment

And so close to the finish line

6 thoughts on “Rambling

    1. It was very close to that. 235k miles and in need of loving care. Expensive TLC! I’m just nervous in general and we made a late in life decision to purchase some land. If things go really south, the land is the first thing up for sale.

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    1. the company B worked for was sold. He could have stayed on but chose to leave. He was self employed for about 3 years and then went back to work for the company now sold. So he is back to being self employed which didn’t work the first time but cheers to take two

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