#Grateful 3/10/19

My attempts at micro photography bring me peace.   They are lame and blurry (well some are blurry) but they make me happy.  And grateful.  These trees our in our yard.  We will get peaches and one day almonds.  Planted isn’t always a bad thing.  Who needs more when less is so enticing.  Ah now she waxes philosophical and has lost most of you.  For those who hang on, see the six pics below.

Peach blossoms
More peach blossoms
Bud about to open and spider web (if you look close enough, you’ll see it)
A rose by any other name is a peach. I think I am sooooo funny. But it does sort of look like a rose bud in all its’ blurriness.
The would be peach duo
Almond flour

As always, more to come.


10 thoughts on “#Grateful 3/10/19

      1. (I think the green stuff is grass. I remember grass. I think we have grass, somewhere under the 400 feet of snow that is still falling. I was joking about your very springtime photos. 🙂 )

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