$10 No …

I won’t finish the phrase cuz it’s off color and not funny but it’s something my ex-marine buddy coworker from 1984 said all the time.

Any hoo. We’re having the senior combo concessions. $5 each for pop corn and a kid drink. $5 x 2 = $10. Well duh 🙄

Pony: We’ve reached that stage huh?

Me: Yes as of January.

Pony: I guess I should face the fact I’ve got old ass parents.

B: And I face the fact you’re an old ass kid.

Lulu: Yeah I’m the only young one.

As always more to come.

5 thoughts on “$10 No …

  1. I didn’t think there were such as ‘ex’ Marines. I called them former. But once a Marine (not finishing either). I need to use that term: ‘senior combo concessions.’


    1. Ha! For this guy, ex might be more fitting. We think his discharge was of the dishonorable variety.

      Senior combo concessions is fair game. That’s from the sign posted at the theater.

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