#SoCS for 3/9/19 ~ abash/a bash/bash

 Gooood Morning Bloglandia!! Time once again for #SoCS. Woo to the Hoo. Linda gifts us with a doozy of a prompt – abash/a bash/bash. We get bonus for using all three.



Not fair … I hear ya.

Cheater cheater pumpkin eater had a wife and couldn’t keep her.

Then he put her in the shell and there he kept her very well.

Uh that’s not right.

 Ever notice how gruesome nursery rhymes can be?

Mother Goose is a Muther Goose. Dayum.

Rock a bye baby … why’d anyone put a baby on a tree top? Cradles breaking babies falling. Nonsense. But I think the song was sung to me and I sang it to my kids. Tell ya what sing/sang/sung would be a fun prompt.

My mind has a mind of its own. I can’t make this stuff up. Oh but I am. MSU baby. Lol.

I’m not abashed. I’m an attention seeker. Look at me. Love me. I just realized this week that I miss being on the phone and having people tell me how wonderful I am for helping them. See again, I am not abashed. I am full of myself. And mind outta the gutter because I know someone went there. Hehe.

A bash is a blast. I loves me a good bash. Rock the casbah with Clash. At a blowout bash where we all dance.

Somebody bash her. She’s lost it. The she is me. Jilly. But this is streeeeeaaam. I’m streaming.

Such stress rained down on me these last two weeks. Twas going to manifest itself somehow. Better out than in as Shrek is fond on saying.

And it’s healthier to write nonsense than to eat a fucking bag of Fritos or to scarf down an entire package of Oreos. Unabashedly I’ve done both. And yes I realize I’ve got issues. Admitting them is the first step to a cure.

Whew! That felt good. Wanna play along? Or just see the wonderful works of the gang that Linda has created? You know you do so check here for the Rules and Ping Back

As always more to come.

15 thoughts on “#SoCS for 3/9/19 ~ abash/a bash/bash

  1. When #3 was an infant, #1 explained to #2 that I am the tree, my arms are the cradle, I rock the baby and when my arms are too tired, I lay her down. I’ll never forget that. ❤
    I ate an Oreo blizzard today. And then I took a nap. It felt great!

    Liked by 1 person

  2. “Look at me. Love me.”

    Nothing wrong with that. Isn’t that all any person – who puts their creations (or themselves, wink wink) out for the world to see – wants?

    Liked by 1 person

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