#QQ4U which is better?

  • 10 cents per debit card transaction
  • 1% cash back

I’m also testing the share because I like a challenge dammit!!!

10 thoughts on “#QQ4U which is better?

  1. 10 cents per transaction because most of my purchases are over $10. But that is kind of crappy. My debit card from my credit union is no fees of any kind.

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  2. It really comes down to personal choice. I prefer to use a Credit card as I am, in effect, using someone else’s money to buy, getting an interest free loan for up to 60 days, and getting cash back, but only if I pay it off in full. Otherwise it is a very expensive way to shop.

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  3. You could manipulate your purchases to make either of those work to your advantage. Cash back would be best if you used card for all purchases and paid off in full EVERY time. 10 cents back per transaction, you would need to spend only small amounts each time, but very often.

    Question is, Is the benefit worth the hassle?
    I would always go for the cashback – and I do!

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