So, … I’m MSU I Hope

The pain is back and almost unbearable. Not sure how to explain this because it’s really discomfort. And who among us can’t bear a little discomfort? But what I feel isn’t normal. And it’s constant. I’m lashing out like a wounded animal to those close to me. I’m powering through to everyone else. Distracting myself with any and everything. Like writing this post.

Back in the day I’d write out my worries and by doing so those worries would float up up and away. I’m not that naive any more. I need to get myself back to the doctor.

As always more to come.

16 thoughts on “So, … I’m MSU I Hope

  1. Good luck with the dr. They haven’t been able to fix my back yet, but everyone is different and some of my friends have had luck. I go to pain management. None of the treatments work and neither does the narcotics I take. 40 plus years of chronic pain. It gets harder and harder to bear.

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