For 3/3/19 ~ “Takin Care of Business”

Sorry to hear Helen won’t be returning. I wish her well and hope she finds answers. Special thanks to Jim for continuing as host. Today’s prompt is occupation.

Instead of picking a single career, I chose work themed in general. I had lots of options. “9 to 5” or “Working for the Weekend” to name just two.

Ultimately I settled on Bachman-Turner Overdrive’s “Takin Care of Business”. Writer(s): Randy Bachman. I remember when I first heard this song. A friend of my brother’s was playing it on a harmonica. Swoon. Without further ado, here you go. Lyrics within …

Rules and ping back HERE

As always more to come.

19 thoughts on “For 3/3/19 ~ “Takin Care of Business”

  1. Good choice. They used this song for a commercial (I can’t even remember what product now though) and I got tired of hearing it. Still a good tune to dance to though. Happy Sunday!

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