So, … Unleash the Hounds Juxtaposed to Free Tree Day

Youse guys have no freakin idea.  I mean y’all.  I mean eff it.  I’m going to pound something out.  Minds outta the gutter people!!!

What the eff is she going on about now???

I am not even sure I can write coherently.

When have you ever?

Well that stings!

Stop!  beating yourself up.  The cause of your angst happened over was four years ago.  How’d you know then it’d ruin things again now?

To think the #SoCS prompt was critic(al) today.  Too bad you wrote this first.  You were happy as you went out to have the best day ever.  You returned home and CRASH!  sh!t hit the fan.  But now you rise like the effing Phoenix that you are.  Delusional?

Thing is …

I don’t want to out myself.

But you’re going to.  You always do.

Ugh!  Stop knowing me so well.

Okay, short hand version please.  No rat holes.

Alrighty.  We were high on oxygen; picking up our free tree.


Back home we decided to take the plunge and replace B’s 11 year old truck with 235,000 miles on it.  Went online for pre-approval; the interest rate was through the roof.  I called asking WTH.  Rep told me my credit score and I freaked.  Not his fault and today I didn’t misdirect my anger.  That is promising.  I adulted.

I freecreditreport dot com’ed it.  Sacribleu there is an account in collections as of a week ago!!  Rat bastards.  I was still appealing.  It’s been over four fucking years.  Why now?  Maybe I should be glad because at least we got the land at the best interest rate.  And as Pony so calmly pointed out, “You’re old mom.  Dad’s truck is likely the last thing you’ll ever again buy on credit. Haha!! or Too soon?” And I laughed which means timing just right.

Yes I refused to pay for “services” rendered.  Yes that sounds bad but wait til you hear my reason err excuse.   Why didn’t I pay?  Well because the “said services” were not rendered to our satisfaction!!  It was the principle of the thing!!!! We disputed and debated and disputed and debated some more.  Last I heard was my complaint was still under “review”.

I know I sound like the bad guy in this scenario but I could give you my sad tale of woe and you’d cry.  As I told Pony the story, B left the room.  He couldn’t take it.  I can’t believe we’d not told Pony about our poor “service experience” aka euphemism cuz this wasn’t about services not rendered.  This whatever this could be called was soul crushing.  And I am right dammit!  Guess I can’t be happy too.  Monday I’ll call collections to plead my case.  See if they can cut me a deal to pay and finally move on.

The moral to the story is pay your bills folks.  Then duke it out for reimbursement.

As always, more to come.



6 thoughts on “So, … Unleash the Hounds Juxtaposed to Free Tree Day

  1. Dang. While I agree, I have had experiences where it was not my debt, not me, or I did pay it (goddamnit). Recently, I have been locking things down and dealing with the big 3 to do as they say. When you consider what those companies are supposed to do and how they can effect lives, their ability to get data correct falls well short of what we might hope for. Good luck working it out. And, for the record, you are not that old.

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