Lame Attempt At Acrostic #LAAA










Wallowing.  No more wallowing people.  I’m trying to accept that which I cannot change.  I noticed I have been powering through.  I have been over the moon happy.  But is that a good thing? Or is that denial? I have to wonder.  Maybe middle of the road is best?  But not for me.  I am full tilt ON or OFF.

Enjoyed the moon this morning.  Hoping to stay over it.


As always, more to come.

12 thoughts on “Lame Attempt At Acrostic #LAAA

  1. Denial is my favorite vacation, Jilly. You are entitled to feel as you do, but don’t wallow too long, lest you feel despair. ❤ Also, I liked the acrostic!

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  2. Scott Peck (Psych Doc and author of The Road Less Traveled trilogy) said that without denial we would all probably die of freight. So, keep some deny handy at all times.

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