So, … Snap Out Of It

Let me start by saying, I’m really not a pack rat. As I declutter the never ending stuff, I’m not replacing anything. I’d be done by now except for the closet I had forgotten about during the original cleanup.

Today I worked from home to take delivery of a new dishwasher. They arrived on time, as promised, and guilted me into giving them a five on their survey. I felt bad. The guy said after our delivery, they only had one other. Without good surveys, the work went to someone else. I hate hearing about slow work. Reminds me of the old days when B was starting out. The trades are rough y’all. And here he is now as I write this DIYing the install. “How in the hell did I cut myself?” Ouch! Maybe we should’ve sprung for the install. That would’ve helped everyone. Trickle down economics and/or funny math.

Anyway that was a sidebar. Back to my tale.

I only took 275 steps and I ache from lack of movement but I took lunch away from my desk so there is that. As I noshed, I tackled a small pile and found this …

Daddyโ€™s printing on Momโ€™s will

and this …

Ponyโ€™s first communion tie

And I not ashamed to say that I ugly cried. And that doing so felt good. I released the hounds. Oh how I miss my parents. Oh how I miss the times when my Pony was a little boy. And oh how my dear sweet Lulu is stressed right now.

So let’s all go back in time. C’mon folks. Let’s do this! Time is just a construct of man anyways. More wisdom from TV. Grey’s again. S15 Ep 12 to be exact. Plus I learned from my good buddy Fred that I have an affliction known as euphoric recall. Like someone remembering their glory days. Glad to have a name for it actually.

But enough. Time (get it?) Time is my continued theme … Time to snap out of it.

As always more to come.

P.S. First post exclusively on my iPad. Even those pictures. I’ve got a jitterbug sized camera y’all. You know, Jitterbug as in cell phones for old people. Hey I resemble that remark :).