Tell The Story

I have been tagged to Tell The Story by msjadeli.  The inspiration comes from the beautiful picture below.  Challenge accepted.  Thanks mi amiga.


Willie was living in New York in between gigs.  He distanced himself from the family.  No one understood his life choices.  Forever hearing “when are you going to give up play acting and get a “real” job?”  He’d heard it a million times before but he could not breath without his art.

When he got the call from his brother David on that cold February evening, time stood still.  Shock, fear, disbelief, numb.  Snapping out of the fog, Willie caught the red eye to Wisconsin where Dave would be waiting.

Stepping off the plane was like going back in time.  Losing mom and dad in that tragic car wreck knocked him for a loop.  His anguish was palpable.  Why?  Many unanswered questions.  He beat himself up for not being there.  If only, ….

You always think there will be more time.  Time to make amends.  Time to visit and enjoy the company of one another.  Time limitless yet fleeting.

The funeral was a blur.  Family and friends surrounded him in his grief.   Like being in a fish bowl; he floated through the motions.  Until the time came to give a proper send off.  Then only the two of them.  You see the plan had been made years before.  He and Dave would honor their parents wishes.

On this day, February 17, 2019, memories of fun-filled family vacations at Granite Peak in Wausau came flooding back.  Willie at 7 and David at 10.  Laughing, smiling, racing, challenging.  Secure in their parent’s love.  Now at 30 and 33, together again but missing their core.  All the time in the world.  Walking up the slope together.  Hearts heavy but joyous all the same  Time will go on.  The sun brightly shining will rise again.

Okay, now I have to tag 3 people to write a story about the picture below.  Hopefully the picture inspires a story!





Tell The Story if you so choose <3.

As always, more to come.

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