So, … This is What the Wild Blue Yonder is Like

We went to Rastro de Sangre this morning. I had my walking sticks this time to avoid another broken arm. No whammies. Lol.

I walked 7200 steps @ 3 miles and 11 floors! On an average day, I get 5000 steps @ 2 miles and three floors. Means I was Rocky Mountain high Texas style. A floor is 10 feet y’all. That’s 110 feet in my trek. I may hurt tomorrow but if so I welcome the pain. B and Pony did more walking and working but I’m the fairer sex so that’s okay.

While San Antonio was a gray day high in the 50s, just outside Rock Springs was nothing but blue skies. The temp was a whooping 82 degrees with hardly a breeze. That’s unusual because northwest is typically cooler by @ 10 or more degrees.

Such a good day. No cell service!!!! Living in the moment. We had brain trust type convos there and back. Lots of laughs. My heart is full.

Hope you enjoy the pictures.

As always more to come.

11 thoughts on “So, … This is What the Wild Blue Yonder is Like

  1. I love good hiking and I love good photography! If you ever head out to LA way let me know. There is a lot of good hiking and this year is supposed to be a super-bloom.

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  2. Prickly Pear and Mountain Cedar. Welcome to Texas flora. Soon the cacti will flower, about all that scourge to the terrain is good for (IMO). Love the flower pics though. Here come the Sun.

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