So, … Seriously 😐 Amaze Balls πŸ˜‚

He ran the well pump. Pony helped him fill up feeders … corn and cottonseed. They did something with hay. I walked around and took pictures. Finally we broke for lunch under a shade tree 🌳.

B: “Did you see all those shells”

Me:”What shells 🐚?”

B: “The ones I told you about”

Me: “I was too busy trying not to fall”

Me continued: “Are there more shells 🐚 here?”

Pony: “Mom they’re everywhere”

Me: “Really? How’d they get here?”

B: “Seriously?”

Me: “Yes Meredith seriously πŸ˜’”

B: “Where do you think πŸ€” we’re standing?”

Pony: “Bottom of the ocean 🌊”

B: “There was water here that was deeper than that hilltop”

Pony: “Or as tall as those piΓ±on pine trees”

Me: “Dang I should’ve looked when you told me”

Then B found this fossil to prove to me cuz I’m a doubting Jilly.

Partial shell fossil

Partial shell fossil

Then he shared this picture from a prior visit:

Almost perfect.

As always more to come.

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