#QQ4U 2/16/19

Do you tip on not drive through/fast food dinner to go?

Asking for a friend.

As always more to come.

16 thoughts on “#QQ4U 2/16/19

  1. If there is a container for tips I might. Sometimes there is so little actual service I don’t see a point. The person who just takes my money and grabs completed food off a shelf and hands it to me at the counter just doesn’t seem tippable.

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  2. No, because I never thought of it. If there is a tip jar (Starbucks of similar), yes. Where I am a regular, very much so (if they remember my name, I tip more). I am a big tipper and lean to the high end for two reasons: 1-they need it more than I do, and 2-when thing go poorly, I am comfortable pointing out issues (and I have). I do not tip when company policy specifically forbids it so that I do not put employees in awkward spots. Tipping can be an insult in other cultures, so I research the norms before traveling outside of this bubble.

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    1. Good advice. We’re big tippers too when we dine in. The to go thing too but someone asked me why I was still tipping for service when there was none. Makes me ponder the question.

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  3. We’re not big on tipping down here in Oz. We have this silly idea that people should be paid to do a job (efficiently and politely) without having to bow and scrape and pretend to adore you with sufficient subservience just so they can pay the electricity bill. We expect employees to pay their staff appropriately and we accept that the cost is passed onto us. We don’t chase down the butcher with extra cash because the meat was particularly good. We don’t send a cheque to the painter because we like the decor. So when we pay the bill in a restaurant we expect that everyone in the process of providing the meal is recompensed for their input.

    If it was good then we’ll be back next week. If it wasn’t then we won’t. That’s how we tip.

    So the idea of tipping at the drive-through seems utterly ludicrous.

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    1. Never tip at a drive through. My question was unclear. This was ordering take out from a sit down restaurant.
      The servers here are paid less than minimum wage. And unfortunately they live on tips. I inquired as some have said no tip since no service … unless you feel like it.

      I think you’ve got it right in Oz. We should follow. Fair compensation is a hot topic. Thanks for the insight. Very helpful.


      1. Oh, yes …. don’t get me wrong … I spend a lot of time in the US and I comply with the whole thing, but I think it puts both the server and the customer under a certain pressure which can detract from the experience.

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  4. No, EXCEPT, at the bar where we pick up pizza. Those lady bartenders are the nicest gals and they never fail to deliver my ‘light on sauce’ request and offer me a to-go Coke, complimentary. So I tip them. Generously.

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