So, … Seriously 😐 Amaze Balls 😂

He ran the well pump. Pony helped him fill up feeders … corn and cottonseed. They did something with hay. I walked around and took pictures. Finally we broke for lunch under a shade tree 🌳.

B: “Did you see all those shells”

Me:”What shells 🐚?”

B: “The ones I told you about”

Me: “I was too busy trying not to fall”

Me continued: “Are there more shells 🐚 here?”

Pony: “Mom they’re everywhere”

Me: “Really? How’d they get here?”

B: “Seriously?”

Me: “Yes Meredith seriously 😒”

B: “Where do you think 🤔 we’re standing?”

Pony: “Bottom of the ocean 🌊”

B: “There was water here that was deeper than that hilltop”

Pony: “Or as tall as those piñon pine trees”

Me: “Dang I should’ve looked when you told me”

Then B found this fossil to prove to me cuz I’m a doubting Jilly.

Partial shell fossil

Partial shell fossil

Then he shared this picture from a prior visit:

Almost perfect.

As always more to come.

So, … This is What the Wild Blue Yonder is Like

We went to Rastro de Sangre this morning. I had my walking sticks this time to avoid another broken arm. No whammies. Lol.

I walked 7200 steps @ 3 miles and 11 floors! On an average day, I get 5000 steps @ 2 miles and three floors. Means I was Rocky Mountain high Texas style. A floor is 10 feet y’all. That’s 110 feet in my trek. I may hurt tomorrow but if so I welcome the pain. B and Pony did more walking and working but I’m the fairer sex so that’s okay.

While San Antonio was a gray day high in the 50s, just outside Rock Springs was nothing but blue skies. The temp was a whooping 82 degrees with hardly a breeze. That’s unusual because northwest is typically cooler by @ 10 or more degrees.

Such a good day. No cell service!!!! Living in the moment. We had brain trust type convos there and back. Lots of laughs. My heart is full.

Hope you enjoy the pictures.

As always more to come.


I celebrated 35 years of gainful employment with the same company on 2/6/19.  Hard to believe because I am 22.  Uh ya, I am.  Quit laughing.  Tis true. I’ve got a funny story bout age and length of employment for later.  If I memba.

Onward through the fog.

With the help of bloglandia and anyone who would listen, I picked for my gift an iPad.  The kids were especially sure!  “Mom, you have to get the iPad.  You know you’ve always wanted one but would never spend any kind of money on yourself!!”

And yesterday she came by UPS (6th generation) Wi-FI 128 GB, lightning to USB cable and power adapter. Blah, blah, blah because I am sure all these things mean something to someone but I am not at all techie.  I am a lucky into it kinda gal.  Not as bad as I proclaim but certainly not Apple genius bar status.

At first I had fun.  Way cool since all I needed to do was bring my smart phone and set it there next to the iPad.  Things started moving and shaking and I was clicking next and getting more excited until time for the software update to something something 12 .4 from something something 12 .1.  The first message for time for update was 24 hours then 48 hours, then 56 hours, then nothing but circles of the settings gear.  Ya see our Internet is DSL and DSL sucks and my baby is Wi-Fi dependent.

Option two was plug into desktop and download from iTunes.  Easy Peasy NOT!  Same long times for download.  Same circles of huh?

Final option was start from scratch.  After factory reset, that is just what I did.  This option was painstaking slow but I am only keeping the apps I want and not adding everything off the phone.  Ala carte baby!

I still needed to update the software.  I had everything set up for overnight and things appeared to be working when I went to sleep.  Wrong.  Ugh!  This morning message was download failed.  Eff@!

Ain’t nobody got time for that, we were heading off into the wild blue yonder.  I kept calm and followed the prompts to re-start the download.  Now that we are back home, I see download was successful!  Woo to the Hoo.  No more eff bombs.  I am all calm.  I didn’t even need a chill pill.  I just needed patience.  Deep breath in, exhale slowly. Whoouh.

I am #grateful.  Not everyone can say their employer gives them celebratory gifts.  When I think about the years fondly; I realize how much I have been given … how it has helped me provide for my family.  Life is good y’all.  I am verklempt.  Go on talk amongst yourselves. And stroll through the gallery.

As always, more to come.

So, … On The Road Again

If I didn’t know better I would think I’ve been up to no good. Nipping at the sauce maybe? Fun times y’all. I’ve got my walking sticks. Here’s hoping I can remain up right.

As always more to come.

#SoCS for 2/16/19~Yawn

Beep, beep, beep goes the alarm.

Wake up!

Stretch to the moon.

… snooze

That’s me most mornings.  Though now that I have a walking regime, I am sleeping better and instead of two to three snoozes, I have one.

Up and atom.  Up and Adam,  Up and at ’em.

Make up you mind.

Express yourself … don’t go for second best baby!  just like Madonna.


I’ve got nothing. I’m stumped 🤔

Only thing that comes to mind is that yawns are contagious. It’s true; I’ve witnessed it.

Oh and someone once said we only yawn when we lack oxygen. I think that’s an old wives tale. Or not.  Mr. Google might say otherwise but I ain’t got time for that.

Oh well.  That for fun.  Streaming.  Now off we go into the wild blue yonder.

If you’re wondering what the above was all about, well Jilly’s nonsense was part of #SoCS.  Thanks to Linda.  Our lovely host with the most.  Ya see she prompted us this fine lovely morning with YAWN … and the first thing that comes to our minds.  Oh my, this will be a good one.

Just take a look-see or to join in with your own free flowing thoughts here are the Rules and Ping Back

Happy Saturday y’all.  Make it a good one.

As always more to come.