Sunday Musings

Back to the scene of the crime aka Wally World.  What kind of crime?  Might be a crime against humanity.  Who knows?  I am torn.  I am also MSU.

Ugh!  Blame EVERYTHING on the weather.  Yuck with a capital Y!  Makes my mood melancholy. Though I have to say the tunes help.  Even the sad songs.  #SLS #1 with a bullet.

We did go back to Walmart today for the electric heater.  CA warning be damned.  I Googled you.  Scare tactics … they work with me but not B.

Too late! Wouldn’t ya know it friends, the heater aisle was vacant!  Yep the cold snap sent folks out in droves.  I was just there Friday.  One row, three shelves full.  The bare shelves made me sad :(.  The weather and empty metal surfaces for display of objects are the cause of EVERYTHING.

I struck up a conversation with a nice lady looking for a heater herself.   She was trying to find someone to see if they had any in the back.  Then we got to talking about vacuum cleaners.  I need one but I am too cheap to buy one.  Mine is still okay but the bags are getting harder to find and will eventually become obsolete.  Sure bagless maybe better but are they free?

No free lunch.  Speaking for lunch.  I am on a GERD diet.  I lead an envious life don’t I?  LOL.  I was supposed to start after my appointment on 2/6 but I procrastinated.  Sunday is as good a day as any … beginning of the week and all.

I have a feeling this will be groundhog day of starting over and over again.  Can’t say I care for what I have seen.  No onions, tomatoes or garlic!  No caffeine!  No citrus!  If anyone in bloglandia has heard of GERD and has some good recipes, do share.  Better yet, I would take a whole meal plan.

As always, more to come.

18 thoughts on “Sunday Musings

  1. I got off GERD meds by taking apple cider vinegar in water, which has become a habit now. It’s been… 3-4-5 years? I am not a dr. I’m just a person who does this and no longer suffers. I am still careful about food, mostly because of RA, mind you, but I don’t suffer. I could go put a lid of apple cider vinegar in a big ol glass of orange juice and drink it before sleep without issue. 5-6 years ago, I wouldn’t touch orange juice.
    My father died of esophageal cancer and my mother has silent GERD, I do what I must.

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    1. You’re the 3rd person who has suggested apple cider vinegar. I’m so glad it works for you. I will try it after going through the food journal process. I did not take the meds offered because … well because I do not want to get reliant on something that can also cause harm.

      Yep orange juice is a definite no but I was eating oranges instead of candy and had no idea what it was doing to me because that’s healthy right?!?!

      Sorry about your dad. Cancer SUCKS. I had not heard of the silent GERD your mom has. There’s just so much to take in.

      I like my GP and we are working together but have not ruled out gastro consult. I felt better having a plan but now I feel bleh. But I blame that on the weather. Curses – gray days are the cause of all evil.

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      1. I will second your bleh and tell you that oranges DO improve a sad dull winter spirit. I love the winter, but even I feel the moody drawbacks of all the dark and gray.

        I hope your plan is proving more comfortable and you find a good way to handle your sensitivity. It’s not nice. :/

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      2. So much better now. The weather turned and so did my mood. I’m walking daily again and that’s helping immensely too. The food stuff is pushing me to try new things. That’s a bright side.

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  2. My GERD diet is a bit different, because I developed it after getting my gal-bladder removed, so my doc told me that my body basically cannot digest fat. I’m only supposed to eat “Total Fat Grams” less than 9 per meal. It’s actually easier than you think. The key with GERD is trial and error, unfortunately, because not all bodies are the same. Coffee is the ONLY thing I can drink that doesn’t give me massive heartburn and I drink it all day long. Water triggers my heartburn faster than anything in the world, unless I need it. If I actually crave water, than it doesn’t hurt me – and I usually drink it every day.I stopped drinking soda over a decade ago, shortly before any of this happened, so that was never a hardship, but you might find yourself having to avoid anything carbonated. I also never stopped eating garlic for any reason and it doesn’t hurt me at all – just like pizza. I can eat pizza sauce, but not any other kind of red sauce, so I started making all my Italian dishes with homemade Alfredo sauce instead. (As you can see, I don’t always stick to the 9 total fat grams per meal LOL)


    1. You are so right – trial and error is the key. I am starting with a food journal. That way I can eliminate the culprits without sacrificing everything I love. I love my doctor, she is very encouraging and very see what works for YOU. Novel idea but she gets me 🙂

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      1. It is great to have that kind of doctor, for sure. Mine never warned me about the side affects of taking antacid medicines for extended periods – which is the development of Barrett’s Esophagus, which I now have because of that very reason. I still have to take a daily pill, no matter what I do with my diet. Hopefully, you can find a way to manage it without having to take the meds forever. I hear apple cider vinegar is a good replacement for that, if you can stomach the taste.


      2. Thanks for sharing that bit of info. I was staying away from antacids except for when it got really bad. And even then I resisted. I am weird about medicines, overthinking too much. I won’t even take ibuprofen when I have a headache. I ride out the storm. So silly. I know which is 1/2 the battle. Right?!?? :). I keep saying I am going to try apple cider vinegar one of these days. I wish they sold a sampler package. I’d hate to get a big ole jug and then not like it.

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      3. I make sure to get the organic one with Muther, because that’s the important ingredient, but yes they are really big bottles. They never go bad, I think that’s why. I started by adding water to it first to dilute the strength of the vinegar. I use it more for stomach aches/indigestion than heartburn, though. 2 tablespoons straight acv will alleviate any tummy problems in under 5 minutes. Just got to pinch my nose and shoot them down as fast as possible! LOL

        Another good one is a little baking soda in water. It’s homemade alka-seltzer, basically. In fact the daily pill I take is mostly baking soda.

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      4. You’re welcome! I know exactly what you mean, it’s hard to find the right answers out there. I’ve been dealing with GERD for about 15 years now and pretty much discovered everything on my own. I think your journal will help you a lot, too, in that respect.

        Oh, that reminds me (sorry, more rambling lol): sometimes, it’s not a matter of eliminating a favorite food or dish, just altering the recipe/amount. I went forever giving up tacos, because I thought I couldn’t eat the seasoned meat, then I played around with just lessening the amount of seasoning and it worked. I can use “mild” taco seasoning, about 1/2 a packet per pound of hamburger and get the flavor without any of the spice, so that might help with your new diet, too. Unfortunately, I still miss salsa, but I’m currently in search of a non-spicy enchilada sauce! 🙂

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      5. Good stuff! I will try that next time we have tacos. Life without salsa and pico de gallo is unbelievable. I’m inspired to find alternatives.
        I appreciate more rambling. It truly helps!!

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  3. Like fans in the summer heat, whoosh — all gone.
    I am Not suggesting anything by telling you this, so please no RDs or medical experts breaking down my door. Both my wife and son have reported an unplanned side effect of their keto diet has been the absence of GERD. Both are long term sufferers of extreme (painful) symptoms. The diet pros seem to be claiming high fat diet as bad for GERD. I wonder why. All the other high acid food would be off the table, but limited tomatoes are ok. Just file it away in your mind for future consideration. Counterintuitive, I know. But it would not be the first time.


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