So, … Sprucing Up The Place

Talk about your time suck.  I have been sprucing up the place and BLINK it’s 5:00.  Wait! Whaaaaa?  Where am I? Who am I?  Did I forget to eat?  GERD is the word and carrots are not a meal but in a pinch they kept the pangs away.  Plus I ate breakfast.  And supper is on the stove.  Mhmmm 15 bean soup.  Going in the food journal and we shall see if this food item stays in the rotation.

I could re-decorate for-eva.  I almost jumped to a new free theme but instead moved categories around, added widgets, and such.  Getting read for April y’all.  Trying to pick an A2Z theme.  I know I don’t need one but I’d like to have one. Is hodge-podge a theme? Is variety the spice of life?  You betcha!

As always, more to come.

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