So, … I’m Already Neurotic and Now I Wasted My Lunch Hour on Funny Math

Okay peeps.  Time to purge thoughts from my head to the page. Aaaahhhhh!

During the winter, we keep our thermostat at 65 degrees F.  I mean c’mon in the blazing summer, we’d kill for those temps.  65 degrees is pleasant WHEN IT IS HOT OUTSIDE!!

The caveat is in all caps for a reason.  It is NOT hot outside right now.  But I go along with the thermostat setting to save money because well ya know, I am the other F word – frugal!  I supplement with a small electric heater that I called Toasty.

Toasty passed away.  RIP my warm one. 

Ya see, I thought I could lay a damp article of clothing on Toasty to dry it and snap, crackle, pop that was a bad idea.  Thank goodness there was no flame just what appeared to be a fuse going out.  B was so upset …  Jill that’s common sense to keep things off the grate.  You’re lucky.  Uh duh!  Ya think?

Then he tried to fix Toasty but it was more than the fuse.  Considering the age of Toasty, a final resting place in the landfill was the only option.  I didn’t think about replacing her until the weather turned cold again today.

@ 1 pm, I took my lunch break and went out with a mission to get a new electric heater.  I had one in my hot little hand and then I read: For California residents, may cause cancer and birth defects and other reproductive issues.  Wait! Wha?  Shut the front door.

Can I ignore this warning because I live in Texas? Nope.

Can I ignore this warning because I am no longer of child bearing age? Nope.

Do the manufacturers add warning like this to make neurotics like me more neurotic?  Likely!

I mean really.  I get the need to warn us … product liability is a thing but c’mon.

Back up on the shelf went my toasty junior.  Instead I came home and whipped up a batch of brownies.  The oven will give extra heat!  And I kept my coat on.  Only one more hour of work until #Free48.  Woo to the hoo!!!

As always, more to come.


12 thoughts on “So, … I’m Already Neurotic and Now I Wasted My Lunch Hour on Funny Math

  1. I was not aware that you were planning on having more children (reproductive warning?). I will check the one I have on the shelf in the garage to see if it has a similar warning. Remind me to tell you about my friend in OK who tried to preheat her microwave oven. 😉 (She took it back as defective) The other day I was out in shorts and a tee. Now we got sleet and 31…welcome to Texas.

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    1. Lol! Nope that ship has sailed. And a preheating microwave now that’s a novel idea 😆.

      The weather is definitely crazy. Today we missed the sleet at the house but NW SA got sleet. Very glad I worked from home.

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  2. LOL I wonder how the product knows if it is California and should be affecting us in that way? Also, why are we so much more susceptible to those dangers than people in Texas? Or is it that California cares more about it’s residents than Texas does? I ponder these questions as I sit here with my heater next to me! Raining here so they didn’t come to build my shed 😦

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  3. I keep it at 65 when sleeping, but I do turn the heat up now and then to take the chill off. I found a small heater without a warning at Target. I run that sometimes, too. More layers is the thing I do the most, though, and super warm socks!

    Stay warm!

    To the #Free48!

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