So, … Funny Math of the Ice House Variety

Yes I call them ice houses.  You call them convenience stores.  To-mA-to … to-mah-toe.  They still sell ice don’t they??!?!  Oh and tossing the gauntlet of pretend poker,  I’ll see your Wawa and I’ll raise you a QT!  LOL

This is what counts for entertainment when you live in the sticks!!  We have been watching the construction for months … dare I say a year.  Finally Saturday was the grand opening of the newest QT!

Pony told us about the FREE 24 oz tumblers – Tervis … to keep the hot stuff warm and the cold stuff cool.  One day only!!!  Sure enough, we each got one.  And the first drink was on the house.  I made the loop around the store before deciding.  I wanted the frozen hot chocolate or a Dr. Pepper freezoni but then I saw mango tea in a shimmering light.  And the seas of the peoples parted as I made my way to the spout! Aahhhh!!! Refreshing!!

All free!!! Somebody pinch me I must be dreaming :).  With a carry away cup for discounted refills!!!

Next time and believe me there WILL be a next time, I’m gonna get soft serve!! I’m fairly certain that the 49 cent cones will be back up to normal price but I have a hard time believing these creamy elixirs of life will be more than $3 which is what I pay at SIP or Mr. Softee.

That’s the funny math part … $0.49 to $3.00, what a racket! SIP and Mr. Softee you have been soft served!  Get it?  Hahahahahaha … I slay me.

As always, more to come.


10 thoughts on “So, … Funny Math of the Ice House Variety

  1. Race Trac around here. But I never go in one unless we are on a road trip. Calories and pennies don’t count after you leave your home state or county (or Parish, I’m from the deepSouth). I feel the excitement in your words. Last time I was that thrilled was when my kiddos were ankle biters and we lived in El Paso. WalMart was just breaking out into Superstore status and they opened one. SO many things ridiculoulsy low. All my favorite candies 3 for $1! I discovered Goo Goo bars that day. It was also the moment of truth for me about retail markup prices. I rarely buy anything not on sale these days. Enjoy that new smell and all the delights while the machines are still shiny and clean. 😉

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    1. Goo Goo bars are the best!!!!
      “Pennies and calories don’t count after you leave your home” is perfect. I will use that philosophy from now on 😂.
      I’m with you on not paying full price. What I’m eyeing goes on sale eventually and if I miss out because they sell out, the purchase wasn’t meant to be.

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      1. I do the same! I have also learned to go to the back left corner of any clothing store for the sales rack. It’s a rush to score something on sale.

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  2. Mom tells me we used to call a gas station a place where we “go wee-wee and get ice.”

    They just rebuilt the mini-mart art the QT near us. It’s not so mini anymore. Not quite as big as a Walmart, but still, pretty big. I think those cups that keep hot things hot and cold things cold are a marvel of science. I mean, how does it know?

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