#QQ4U Please Help Me Choose. Vote Now!

  1. Kosta Bode Vase
  2. Howard Miller Wall Clock
  3. Tissot Savonette “T-Pocket” Watch
  4. iPad – 6th Generation
  5. Apple Watch
  6. Dyson Fan – cool and warm (hopefully of the non-cancer causing variety)

There was more to choose from in the catalog but this is my narrowed down list.Ā  I had an employee once who went out to various online sites pricing every gift option available.Ā  He proceeded to pick the most expensive one which he didn’t even like but he was not going to be “cheated”.Ā  His mom received a very nice curio cabinet that year.Ā  LOL.

I did not include any jewelry.Ā  I already have a ring from year 10 and two watches from years 15 and 30.Ā  We are okay on the luggage front and we do not travel much anyways.Ā  I need a vacuum cleaner but help me I cannot go there … not a wedding anniversary but an anniversary just the same.Ā  I do enjoy cookware and nice dishes and I am too cheap to buy them. Hmmm.Ā  Perhaps I should expand my list.

Vote now!!Ā  Add a number to the comments.Ā  You’ll be saving me hours of over analyzing.

As always, more to come.



14 thoughts on “#QQ4U Please Help Me Choose. Vote Now!

  1. 4 without a doubt. I’ve just got one and it is so much faster than my 8 year old iPad. You will use it every day. If you have the option, go for the higher memory version, even if you have to pay for that upgrade.

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  2. I would choose #4 for sure. I might have chosen #5 but I’m not sure I would use all the functions. I have a 3rd generation iPad so the newer version would be the one for me. That other stuff, nahh.

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    1. I am leaning towards #4 and few folks here physically have told me that is the one I will use!!! Curious if I will get a few other votes and for what item.

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