#1linerWeds. 2/6/19

Train people well enough so they can leave.

Treat them well enough so they don’t want to.

– Richard Branson

Since today is my 35th service anniversary, I’d say I’ve been treated very well 😊

To join in or read the other responses, here’s the link http://lindaghill.com/2019/02/06/one-liner-wednesday-in-sync/

So, … It Hurts

I’m sitting here waiting for an appointment. Not able to catch my breath. Is the mental manifesting as physical? Always negative results from the multitude of tests. Even when not completely clear, findings are minimized. That small hernia shouldn’t cause the kind of pain you’re describing. Your arthritis and slight scoliosis shouldn’t hurt. But it does! And has for nine long years. Sometimes when I close my eyes and try to remember “before” I can! What I wouldn’t give to go back to a time of pain free. I tell myself “you’re okay. Considering how much time has passed if you really had something seriously wrong, you’d be dead by now. Nope just aches and pains that come with wisdom and all this gray hair.” But. What if today is the day that the other shoe drops. Ugh!

Where Were You in ’62?

This is not American Graffiti but for some reason that tag line popped into my mind.

The better question is where were you in ’84? On the 6th of February to be exact.  Me?  I was walking in the door to my first “real”  as opposed to all my fake jobs. I’m a broken record and I know it!  I’ve used that line for three years in a row.

Look at this from 2017 Happy Anniversary to Me! and this from 2018 Happy Anniversary to Me ~ 2/6/84. Then look at me in my heyday.  I wish I still had that paisley dress.  It would be back in style :).

BLINK – 35 years in a single minute.  I’m over the moon.  Not taking anything for granted.  Living the dream, just another day in paradise.

As always, more to come.