#QQ4U ~ Can You Help A Pack Rat?

Is there a place I can take paper for shredding??  Industrial sized shredding I mean. And is there a place to take broken “toys”?

Inquiring minds want to know.

Why am I asking?  Well I wrote multiple times in the 2nd half of 2018 about organizing my office and de-cluttering.  I had the … BEST … TIME … EVA as in EVER!!! And that’s no joke.  However as we are in the process of getting our shower repaired, stuff has to be moved and we thought why not use the EMPTY office closet.

Uh ya, not an option.  After all those weeks of hard work, I finally realized I never opened the closet.  When I did I found out damn, we’re rats of the packing variety. Shoved inside the closet in the boxes from the replacement items was a printer, a keyboard, a PCU, a personal home office shredder (that can’t help me now as the job is too BIG) and miscellaneous paperwork back to 2001!!! WTF.  And why the hell would we keep broken stuff???

Let me know in the comments would ya … what’s a place you go to shred papers?  Muchos Gracias y’all.

As always, more to come.


13 thoughts on “#QQ4U ~ Can You Help A Pack Rat?

  1. We have shredding bins in our office. If they aren’t full the day or so before the service comes to shred them, we can put personal stuff in the bin. Otherwise, I think our bank has a bin that customers can use for a small fee.

    For your peace of mind, the bins are locked and only the shredding service (we use Iron Mountain) has a key. Once something is in there, it’s going to be shredded. The truck has a robotic mechanism that picks up the bin and dumps it right into a giant shredder. No one at Office Depot is doing the shredding.

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    1. That is good to know. I had no idea. I assumed some poor kid, probably a first job, drew the short straw and had to throw all that into the giant shredder. Hehe!

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  2. I sometimes take my things to Office Depot. They (here) charge 99 cents a pound to shred it for you if you don’t need to actually see them shred it. I watch them put it in the shredding bins which are locked but I don’t hang around to watch them actually shred. But, one of our local real estate companys has a Shred Day around April and you can take stuff to their parking lot to have it shredded for free.

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  3. When I last did that, I recycled misc. paper, but much had to be shredded (we had a dandy at work). I’m curious about the broken toys because decisions have to made and that is not good (or you’d not have them). One man’s trash is another man’s treasure. Sell, donate, and the most likely choice, toss.

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    1. Yeah I’m pretty sure the “toys” are going to have to be tossed. It would take more to get them in working order (if they can even be repaired). I wouldn’t donate something that’s broken. I don’t think they would except it anyway.

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      1. My wife is a big fan of the Marie Kondo Show on Netflix, ‘Tidying Up.’ I have five full garbage bags of old/oversize cloths in my garage to be hauled off to donate.

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  4. Oddly enough I know quite a bit about this. There are companies that specialize in shredding paper. Many will come to your house, for a fee. We just bought two electric office size shredders and did the shredding ourselves. It took a couple of days [maybe longer], but the price was more reasonable. Also some communities around here have paper drives. The community hires the professional shredder company to be available to all residents on a certain day [usually Sat] at a certain time. If your community does that, it’s a good way to get rid of paper for free.

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