#QQ4U – Anti-Virus

For personal home use, what do you suggest for anti-virus protection?

Ours expires shortly and even with 10% off to renew, I have sticker shock.

All suggestions appreciated.

24 thoughts on “#QQ4U – Anti-Virus

  1. Oh sad day… I was thinking along the lines of essential oil until I read the first comment. Can I really be living in that much of a cave? At any rate… An 11 year old machine with outdated software seems to work well for me.

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      1. I think the free ones are sometimes better. And from my experience Norton messes things up on your computer. I had to had it fixed many times and was told to quit using it. So I did. I know everyone has their preferences.


  2. We use IOBit, recommended by our son the IT guy. I don’t have any complaints. I think it’s $38 and there are add-ons for other services. Now I have a Chromebook and no worries about viruses or malware, but I’ve used IOBit for years and will use it on my next laptop too.

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  3. I use Avast. The free version is, well, free. πŸ™‚ But I have to say ‘no’ (at times) to the ‘are you sure you don’t want to upgrade?’ I agree that the invasiveness of some of the more popular AV’s can be a drag. No charge to try it.

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    1. Yup, Avast, the free version. I’ve did upgrade to a paid version and it wasn’t worth it, so I’m back to the free version. I’ve had Norton and McAfee. Avast is just fine. I was pointed to Avast years ago by a real, bona fide, computer nerd, who still uses it.

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      1. OH! One thing I don’t like about Avast is that if you are not paying attention it will sometimes want to reset your browser to Yahoo. Grrrrr. It isn’t a game changer, but if you are clicking through the options, just be aware.

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  4. I think that Norton is the best, but it was so good it was slowing down my PC’s performance, so I switched to McAfee and that seems to do a good enough job. Virus protection is all about staying away from nasty sites and since I do a lot of research this can be a problem for me sometimes.

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  5. get a Mac??? OK, time to be serious. check with your I-net provider and see if they offer something for free. if not, there is plenty of good free software out there. I tended to shy away from Norton and MacAfee when I still ran a PC. check out https://www.pcworld.com and see what they recommend. I have followed their magazine and then their web site for years.

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      1. check your I-net provider. they had some free software with free updates for me to download and I got away from Norton and MacAfee that way.

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