#JusJoJan ~ 1/24/19 – Zoomie

Here we are again.  We really should stop meeting like this.  Lol!

NOT!  Let’s keep this up for the remainder of January at least.  #JusJoJan in the house!!

Bee prompted us with zoomie.  Well I am going to have to google that.  Click here to find her last post .  Hi Bee!!!  I am uber happy to have met your acquaintance here in bloglandia.

The following picture is blurry as hell.  Is hell really blurry?  Who knows.  I took this picture last Sunday at 10:05 am CST to be exact because I saw my grand-pups soaking up the rays and thought how adorable.  I was in a hurry to run off to Home Depot which explains why the pic is out of focus.

They have lounged in this particular spot by the fence for so long, there is a groove and no grass grows – just dirt.  Even in bad weather, you can catch them there.    They are old men now turning nine this coming April.  They no longer zoomie regularly.  But back in the day, oh my.  The best!! With tons of room to roam and get out that energy.  Watching them frolicking or even now … thinking about them all zoomie makes my heart so happy!!!

As always, more to come.

Hats off to Linda for hosting!  Join us, won’t you? By following this link.


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