I’m Not Crying, You’re Crying

I’m not crying 😢… I have something in my eye 👁.

Okay, I’m misty-eyed. But happy tears. I just watched a live presentation of “Roland the Seeing Eye Dog” 🐕. Our presenter had glaucoma probably since birth but wasn’t diagnosed until 7 and eventually she became completely blind. She attended school right here in the Alamo City and now resides in our State Capital.

Fun facts:

  • All guide dogs are not seeing eye dogs. Seeing eye dog is trademarked.
  • The person receiving the dog is matched for personality and temperament.
  • Some dogs have a street name. Like me using pseudonyms for my family. Lol.  For example let’s say Roland’s street name is Lady. That way if some asks “what’s your dog’s name?” if you give the street name, when she proceeds to exclaim “Awwww Hi Lady you beautiful beautiful dog!” Roland does not react and continues guiding.
  • I am the “she” in the bullet above but I know to ask first before engaging.  For a seeing eye dog, service animal, or pet in general, ALWAYS ask before approaching.
  • A seeing eye dog in training that does not make the cut, is called a “career changer” who then assists law enforcement or fulfills other duties.

For more, info follow this link

As always, more to come.


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