So, … There’s a term for this …

Yesterday 1/19/19, was our 19th anniversary of being in this house. We closed in 2000 right after the Y2K that never happened. Does anyone else remember that? How people were stocking up on canned goods and bottled water for Armageddon. B and I didn’t do that. We were like bring it. In fact, I think B was hoping he could become a survivalist. He’s a natural hunter/gatherer. But I digress.

Our closing on January 19, 2000 had to be lucky or something right?!??

And celebrating 🥳 19 years on the 19th … well there’s a term for that. I think 🤔 but Google is not my friend. Does anyone know? And I’m burning 🥵 daylight. I need to get to Home Depot to snag a new dishwasher.

You see we’ve had awful luck with appliances. This will be our 5th dishwasher in 19 years. B is a mister fixit. He makes most repairs DIY. He just put in new top rack and made some other repairs to keep this machine going. But alas after last nights’ water 💦 everywhere, he’s cried uncle.

You may also remember my post about the shower leak. Well that’s still pending til we find a drywall firm that can build a cabinet. That way if leaks again, we have easy access. Cheaper to go from behind through the bedroom wall than to tear out tile. But even that is more costly than we’d hoped. Though I’m getting excited since while the sheet rockers are here, we’ll get a bid for repairs to these cracks.

Settlement cracks caused during a drought several summers ago

To prove he’s still got it, B repaired the front door lock 🔐. Now we can open our front door again. Fire 🔥 hazard averted. He also repaired both bathroom sinks. He was damn sure not going to let me add that to the shower repair 🚿 bid. My bathroom remodel will have to be in the form of new tooth brush holder 😂.

Happy Sunday folks. Hope it’s a good one.

As always more to come.


9 thoughts on “So, … There’s a term for this …

  1. That’s a good long time in a house. We are at 22+ years, moved in on Flag Day 1996. We are in desperate need of a new fridge. Dishwasher twice and stove/oven once. Microwave 3 times. Guess how we cook! Not really. Just lucky. Which, of course now I’ve jinxed myself right?

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    1. Oh no, I hope not. No jinxes allowed. 🙂

      Appliance-wise we are on round two of everything except the darn dishwasher. Now I hope I did not just jinx us. The shower should count for something.

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  2. Okay, since you looked up Tuesday superstitions for me, I looked this up for you. Unfortunately the terms are inconsistent but may include, Lucky, Golden, Star, Beddian, or Champagne. Honestly, it’s too many numbers for me to cope. LOL

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  3. In April it will be 40 years that we are living in the same house !! I think we used up 3 diswashers, and the same with the other appliances because we bought them all together and they gave up their soul nearly at the same time too. Makes a big hole in the wallet !

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  4. yanno, Home Depot sells a plastic panel that you can install yourself for access to the shower head or to shower controls. I know cuz I bought one for each and installed them myself. It’s just a matter of cutting the drywall with a drywall saw and zip zip sip in go the screws and there ya have it.

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