So, … Funny Math Pharmacy & Grocery Store Edition + #QQ4U

As I live and breathe

Why I never

Well I ought to

LOL!  This is random musings of the manic kind. And I can call myself manic for anyone who thinks I’m not PC. J-Dub is wired right now.

So, … the new insurance kicked in January 1.  Same carrier, moved to HSA but that didn’t change the coverage.  Or so I thought.  Here’s the funny math story y’all.  I was picking up an RX for B.  Same one he has taken the last 3 or so years.

Pharm Tech: Oh, did they tell you how much this would be?

Me: It’s about 2 bucks right?

Pharm Tech: It’s $140 with no insurance.

Me: But we have insurance.

Pharm Tech: Ugh! Oh sorry.  Not you.  The system did it again.  Do you have your card?

Me: As luck would have it, why yes! Yes I do.

This kind kid … rocking the beard … looking so much like my Pony went through all the steps to find and re-add my insurance.  Me I listened to the car radio while taking deep breaths.

Pharm Tech: Okay we’re good but it’ll be @ 45 minutes.  Can you come inside?  I have to re-run this as insurance.

Me: Uh nope.  I’ll be back mañana.  He has 10 pills left to tide him over.


Up next, funny math grocery edition.  I rarely shop HEB though I should because they give back to this community directly but the one nearest me is the biggest in the city y’all.  And today on a Sunday after my Hone Depot run, I knew I was playing all loosey goosey.

Anyhow.  I have a list and was not going to deviate.  But ya see, the selections are different.  That means in addition to named brand, I have store brand.  AND store brand as the higher end HEB along side the bargain barrel Hill County Fair.

Well you can’t fool me twice.  I am not buying name brand.  Why would I? As my Econ teacher from my 1st year at SAC reminded us students, Old Panther generic brand milk is the SAME milk as Borden.  He swore to us … do the math, he said.  Oh Hey that might be the start of my affliction.  Now my fuzzy mind cannot remember why the non-brand was cheaper but at the time, Dr. K explained it well and I thought those bastards!!!

I did not.

Or maybe I did?

Who knows?

Only the Shadow knows.


Anyhow, I got the Hill County Fair don’cha know. And our weekly receipt was under 100 smackaroos.  That’s for six dinners and five lunches.  We still had fixings for breakfast. Man cheap stuff sets off my OCD.  Again, don’t call the PC goon squad. They’ve got more important things to do.   And I am talking about ME!!!!!

Now to wrap this up, I have a #QQ4U.  I forgot my coupons y’all.  While I don’t frequent HEB often, I did go to get coffee recently.  I have two coupons that expire today.  One for $2 off produce if you spend more than $2 and $3 off a basket of $30 or more.  That’s 5 smackroos left sitting on the table.  I have already called the store and if I go back receipt in hand, they will credit me.  I am jonesing y’all.  Should I go back?  Inquiring minds want to know … asking for a friend.

As always, more to come.

12 thoughts on “So, … Funny Math Pharmacy & Grocery Store Edition + #QQ4U

    1. B was like woman what’s wrong with you? Lol! He did not call me woman but you get the drift. Of course he is used to me by now. Turns out we’d forgotten parchment paper. Had a reason t go back after all.

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  1. Our NHS may be in severe difficulties, but thank goodness it has been there all my life!
    The prescription charge in England is £8.80 per item. A Pre Payment Certificate costs: £29.10 for 3 months. £104 for 12 months and that covers all prescribed items. Free prescriptions for over 60’s, pregnant ladies and with child up to 1 year old, up to age 16, 16- 18 in full time education.

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  2. I would NOT go back because I HATE grocery shopping, but if you don’t hate it, heck yeah, go getcha some stuffs with coupon. If you can’t eat it all up, get stuff you can freeze! It’ll make your bill even lower after and you’ll have that I’m-stocked-up feeling that makes me all warm inside…
    I frequently buy Bunny bread, wheat, and it’s made of whole wheat but it costs $1.69 instead of $2.99 or $3.29. Ain’t nothin wrong with Bunny bread, but I do sometimes like to splurge for cracked wheat, depending 😛
    Do not get me started on insurance. Do not.

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    1. Yay for Bunny bread. If it were up to me, we’d do same but Pepperidge Farm cracked wheat is a spurge for B. She gave me cash back. I was pleasantly surprised. I had forgotten parchment paper and that covered it with buck plus change to spare.

      The whole insurance thing is pitiful and depressing.

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  3. I’ll never understand why the “uninsured” price for drugs/medical care is so absurd. If they can make money at $2, why go through all this nonsense, and why charge someone who doesn’t have insurance, 10-20-50-70 times more for the same drug?

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