For 1/20/19 ~ “Sad Songs (Say So Much)”

Jim is hosting this fantastic #SLS challenge, keeping the beat alive.  Today I picked an Elton John classic even though I thought others might do the same.  I’ll check after this and see if Elton is climbing up for #SLS charts now same as he topped the charts in his heyday.  I missed his farewell tour when it came through the Alamo City.  I could just kick myself.  Anywho, without further ado, here is Sad Songs (Say So Much). Writer(s): ELTON JOHN, BERNIE TAUPIN.

Disclaimer: I have no copyrights to the song and/or video and/or hyperlinks to songs and/or videos and/or gifs above. No copyright infringement intended.

Guess there are times when we all need to share a little pain
And ironing out the rough spots
Is the hardest part when memories remain
And it’s times like these when we all need to hear the radio
`Cause from the lips of some old singer
We can share the troubles we already know

Turn them on, turn them on
Turn on those sad songs
When all hope is gone
Why don’t you tune in and turn them on

They reach into your room
Just feel their gentle touch
When all hope is gone
Sad songs say so much

If someone else is suffering enough to write it down
When every single word makes sense
Then it’s easier to have those songs around
The kick inside is in the line that finally gets to you
and it feels so good to hurt so bad
And suffer just enough to sing the blues

Sad songs, they say
Sad songs, they say
Sad songs, they say
Sad songs, they say so much

To join in or to listen to some good tunes, here are the rules and ping back.

Take two on ping back

3rds a charm … maybe

As always, more to come.

17 thoughts on “For 1/20/19 ~ “Sad Songs (Say So Much)”

  1. This must be the day for Eric Clapton. This is the third song so far, and each song has been different. Good thing I like him. Elton isn’t too bad, either 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

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