Tell The Story: “Shady Shores Manor”

Paula challenged me and two others to tell the story of the picture below. Woo hoo. You don’t have to ask me twice. And don’t call me late for dinner. I’m on it!!

The Mayfield family owned and operated the Shady Shores Manor for eons. Passed down from generation to generation, caring for the aged and infirmed of Nueces county. Despite the plush sounding name, the clientele was a bit seedy. The Mayfield family caretakers were even worse. The height of debauchery occurred during the fall on 1961. Devastation in the form of Hurricane Carla cut a path through town; changing lives forever. Judgment for sins came in the name of Mother Nature’s fury.

The abandoned Shady Shores Manor stood high on the cliff overlooking the gulf … never restored to its’ former state after Hurricane Carla ripped through.

The place became a source of local legend. Parents warned their children to stay away but the draw was too intoxicating. Treasure awaited anyone brave enough cross the sloping threshold.

Billy, Sam, and Joey were plotting their course.

“Come on Joey!” Billy pleaded. “Don’t be a wuss. No way you believe what they say about that place”

“I don’t know” Joey whispered. “Steve and Kerry have no reason to lie. I believe them.”

“Bullshit” exclaimed Sam. “No such thing as ghosts. Old man Mayfield’s poltergeist maybe?”

Billy conspiring “The bones of the house have pirated gold hidden in those walls and buried beneath the flooring. We’re gonna get us some.”

And fin.

Now I’m supposed to put up a picture and name three bloggers to do the following: Create your own Tell The Story around the image below, then select three bloggers of your own and add your own image to complete the tag.

Every time I challenge someone, I get a hard pass. Guess I’ll go rouge and open up this challenge to anyone who has the urge to write about a picture. Here’s your image:

Now go …

Props where props are due so follow the link to the creator of it all.

As always more to come.

7 thoughts on “Tell The Story: “Shady Shores Manor”

      1. It’s so interesting to see what others see in a photo. I didn’t even notice the coat racks, but now you said something I can sure see them being IV poles! I mostly noticed the peeling wall paper or paint, but it looked like creeping vines!

        Liked by 1 person

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