So, … the Medical Meat Market is not New

This post is 3 years old.  Moved over from FB.

Before I could hit post on the all clear, biopsy site shows no residual melanocytic lesion 👌 a sweet lady approached me as I sat in the lobby of the Nix Hospital. It was all over by 11:25 before my actual appointment. Some times it pays to be early.

“I don’t mean to startle you but you look like someone I know … is that you Jill?”

I almost dropped the phone when I looked up and saw DH.

“Of course I know you D, I’d recognize you anywhere”

You see we are 29 and holding :).  In her eyes, it was easy to see the girls we once were.

Hugs are healing and so is my good fortune to catch up with a dear friend. Small world that her son is a junior at TAMCC. Lulu will be there next year. So much has happened but we tried to get through it all. Makes me realize I should probably go off the grid more often. Face to face beats FB any day.

Feeling thankful and blessed.

We’re going to Downtown Tuesday … the new Friday.  Me and my baby girl.


And now folks, LuLu is the junior.  Time is doing that funny thing again.

As always, more to come.


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