Sunday Funnies!!

Best day eva!  as in ever not Eva.  Who is that??? I’m Jilly and what am I doing?  I have laughed so much today and I decided to share some funnies.  Like comics in the newspaper that I read on Sundays (well every day) but Sundays funnies were the best.  Seeing as we no longer subscribe to the newspaper, my funnies are of the garden variety – life.  And likely not funny to anyone but me.  I slay me!  lol.

First, I slept til I felt like waking up.  NO beep, beep, beep of the alarm.  Made cooked from scratch, spinach, chunky homemade salsa, and cheese omelets for breakfast.  With a side of wheat toast and bacon. Mhmmmm bacon!!!

Then Lulu and I went to the store duo vs. trio.  We had a big list too but we told B to stay at home because he already does SO freaking much for us that he needed a break.  I told Lulu that I was going to empty cart walk, run, jog two or three laps around Wally World before I started shopping cuz you see I got 5K steps two days in a row.  I wanted to make today a trifecta and I did!  Yay me! She of course went off to art supplies and got some stuff for school since she returns in less than a week 😦

I was like a mama to be y’all. Getting ready for the big day.  We’ve got a plan and we are implementing.  Feels good I tell ya.

As we checked out, the women we see every week asked after B.  T at check-out asked Lulu “where is Papa today?”  I snort laughed as Lulu said “we gave him a ‘free’ day”.  T’was the Papa that made me snort.  He is old … as am I.  I know this by the way everyone ma’am’s me these days.  K at the exit asked for him by name.

Of course I could not wait to share this info with him!  As we are unloading at home, I tell him “Your girlfriends asked where you were” And he replies “ya right” because he never believes me. Lulu said “they did dad” oh right and then he believes 😉

Once everything was put up, then the cleaning begins.  We de-cluttered places that have not seen the light of day in forever.  Moved the rarely used elliptical and you’ve no idea what was under there.  This was the purge part two … this time of our family room instead of the office.  A deep clean was long over due.

The feature photo is of my finger that I cut with an actual scissors while taking the tag off a new runner. The wound hurt like a mother goose (another regional saying).  And it took “foreva” to stop the bleeding.  I had to make due with paper towels for band-aids because when your nest is empty, your need for band-aids drops.  Guess it is time to stock up again.

As always, more to come.


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