Why? Just Why?

This superstitious thing has got to stop.

What a mess.  I had my day all planned.  Now, nope snag in the road.  Why?  Just why?  I read something that I can’t un-read. And I’m caught by the nonsense of it all.  But not enough to test the theory.

Let’s go back a bit shall we?  I had the blessed opportunity of 4 days off to do whatever I pleased and that I did folks.  Whatever … the hell … I pleased.  I lounged and read and wrote and listened to music.  I rolled where the wind blew me.  Went to bed when I felt like it, got up without the blasting alarm.  Selfish pure unadulterated me time!!! Oh the guilt but moving on.

Time is doing that funny warp thing and moving like the speed of light.  I wanted to make good use of these seconds, minutes, hours, days that I knew I could not get back.  Which is why I set everything aside with the intention of making today, this random Tuesday .. wait what Tuesday?  It’s Tuesday?  See what I fucking mean.  … this random any day Tuesday was to be a top to bottom clean up.

Letting you in on my secret … I went from depressed, sleeping unless at work, and housekeeping was way too much effort existence to obsessed.  I REALLY enjoy certain aspects of domesticity and at a minimum understand some tasks are not negotiable and need to be done at regular intervals.

But now I find I cannot do laundry today.  Well I could but I’d wash away all our good luck. I can’t take out the trash either.  Lest we lose stuff all of 2019.  What the what? We cannot afford that.  You see a few bombs have dropped recently.  Again.  I know timing sucks but really just life.  Considering I have way more than I deserve … a warm house, transportation, food, clothing, creature comforts to include nice warm fuzzy socks, there is definitely no need to complain.  Ever.  Really?  Yes really!! Not EVER!!

Doesn’t make the suck hurt any less yet gives comforting perspective.  IMO because diminishing feelings a cardinal no-no.  Been through enough therapy to know that.

Anyway, without further ado, the article that  generated the question … not the original source but I picked this list because of the other superstitions noted.  13 News Years’ Superstitions

You best believe we’ll be eating some black-eyed peas 🙂

As always, more to come.


7 thoughts on “Why? Just Why?

  1. I’m good. (I will wash the rugs tomorrow, apparently.) I’m always good on New Years, even when it’s on a stupid Tuesday. Could you research superstitions for Tuesdays? 😛

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  2. I love your post. It’s real and raw. I like seeing you, just as you are. I like you even more. I’m not Stupid-stitious, it just takes too much effort and I’m lazy like that. Lol
    Happy New Year! Wishing you a year with joy overflowing.

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  3. haha those are funny ones in the article, most I’ve never heard of. I’ve already messed up, though…I did laundry, and forgot to buy black-eyed peas. Wishing you good luck, and a Happy New Year! 🙂

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