I’m On It! Lookie Here Y’all

Pay dirt!  When asked “Could you research superstitions on Tuesdays?” by Joey over at joeyfullstated; I replied, “I’m On It!”

Followed by thought bubbles … Challenge accepted!!! bam-dum-tis went the cymbals.  Not to be confused with Cymbalta.  Too much?  Uh ya, it was.  Roll her back girlfriend.

Ookie Dokie.  Reason two fold for looking up this nugget of gold, I’m trying to break my own record for most posts in one day and get a WP response for my efforts AND find out what the heck is superstitious about Tuesdays.  Tuesday ain’t no Friday the 13th but if it was …. we’d be in Greece.  Bazinga.

Lookie here y’all – Let’s get out the scissors and cut some hair while wearing garnet or ruby stones and pink or lilac colored clothes.  What’s not to love when an article gives you the Smithereens!!!!  Rock on wit ur bad selves.

As always, more to come.


2 thoughts on “I’m On It! Lookie Here Y’all

  1. Hahaha! Oh my gosh, you’re the best! I don’t own any garnets, and only wear the ruby thing with short sleeves, but I shall endeavor to wear pink every Tuesday henceforth! Thanks!

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