Haiku – Chaste & Blush

I enjoy days like today now that we have it all figured out.  No stress, no fuss, no muss.  No more waiting for special occasions to do something special.  Everyday is Christmas Eve <insert your own special occasion of choice> or it can be.

Sitting here in comfy PJs, flavored coffee that I should NOT be drinking at hand, I am taken to another place.  I hear pleasant sounds.  The dryer, the hum of the refrigerator,  hard boiled eggs being cracked.

I think of the challenge words: Chaste and blush.  Kya from “Where the Crawdads Sing” by Delia Owens, is the epitome of those two words.  She is also free and untamed.  Like many of us, she has a dual nature which cannot be defined.

Wow I am preachy today.  You’d think I already nipped at the brandy but nope.  No Kahlua in my coffee either.  Anyways, today’s Haiku offering is a two-fer.  Thank you Ronovan for providing the space to release these words from my mind.

Heron flew above

Unblemished sandy beaches

Glowing scarlet flush


The pink on her cheeks

Eyes closed anticipating

The first kiss of love

XOXOXO – Wishing you well this season and into 2019.  May it be the BEST year yet 🙂

Written for RonovanWrites #Weekly #Haiku #Poetry Prompt #Challenge #233 Chaste&Blush

Ghosts of Christmas Past

Ghosts of Christmas past …

Lulu refused to sit on Santa’s lap and actually never believed … sort of sad.  She always knew the reason for the season though. She was just a miniature adult. Very intuitive and questioning. The whole how does he get in our house if we do NOT have a fireplace etc… How does he get around the world in one night … ya right ?!?!?

Pony on the other hand BELIEVED and loved to visit Santa and would go multiple times – with my parents. Then my mother-in-law would take him and I’d be like I am the mommy and I’d take him AGAIN. The year this pic was taken … at Windsor Park Mall which is now closed … it was a record hot one. He is wearing a Mickey Mouse short set! LOL and the reindeer antlers that he took home and wore for days … love my sonshine.

For 12/23/18 ~ “Hazy Shade of Winter”

Helen gives us season for our prompt and I picked winter 😎. Hope you enjoy this tune written by Simon and Garfunkel. Lyrics within. Kinda cool that the song was used in the movie “Less Than Zero” based on a book of the same name. All my favorites intersecting ❤️


Disclaimer: I have no copyrights to the song and/or video and/or hyperlinks to songs and/or videos and/or gifs above. No copyright infringement intended.

As a bonus here’s the Bangles cover.

Disclaimer: I have no copyrights to the song and/or video and/or hyperlinks to songs and/or videos and/or gifs above. No copyright infringement intended.

To join in the fun, follow the link http://helenswordsoflife.com/2018/12/22/song-lyric-sunday-theme-for-12-23-18/

#SoCS for 12/22/18 ~ Tin


Bonus points!! Now my life is complete 😂.

Okay, to elaborate … Happy Saturday peeps. Time once again for #SoCs. Linda gave us tin or a word that includes tin as a prompt. Bonus if we begin with that word. Such fun!

If you’d like to have fun too or see the other creative offerings, look here for the rules and ping back http://lindaghill.com/2018/12/21/the-friday-reminder-and-prompt-for-socs-dec-22-18/

Uh oh. Did I lose you? Guess not if you’re reading this.


Hmmm. Think, think, and think 🤔

Tin as in Rin–Tin-Tin. German Shepherds are a very smart breed ❤️. Growing up my neighbors down the street had a German Shepherd named Sargent. She was a very good doggie.

Or tinfoil dinners made while camping in Girl Scouts. Wonderful memories. What a chef I thought I was. Hamburger, potatoes and carrots. Yummy 😋

Or Tinseltown aka LaLa Land aka Hollyweird. Typo intended. Look at me … what a judging B word. I’m weird myself so whadda I care.

We’re trying to pick our Christmas Day movie 🎥 🍿 but pickings are slim. It’s 2013 Anchorman 2 all over again. Doh! Might be time for a new tradition.

And on that note, to honor tradition, we’re off to the Dub girls born in December annual spa day. We’re trying a new place this year. Super excited 😊 to keep this party 🎉 going!!!

Bad Momma

Oh my! What a birthday dinner! Lulu didn’t get carded. No surprise seeing as they’ve been trying to give her a seat at the bar since she was 14. She takes after B. No one ever carded him either.

One glass on wine later and Pony is muttering how he can’t believe it … never thought it’d happen … how she’s supposed to be three. Then telling her to drink more water. He was the tea totaller tonight. Someone needed to be.

While he skipped the beer since nothing was on draft, Pony kept flipping the bird in every picture. I guess my laughing spurred him on. My prize was this snap where he’s actually smiling.

He sounds exactly like B’s brother. It’s uncanny. Sentimental memories.

Welp another year in the bag. Looking forward to what’s to come. As long as we can laugh we’ll be more than fine 😊

Free Drink

Sweet girl at Starbucks says she always gives the biggest size for our free bday drink. So much for counting calories today. Yay for free 🎊

#Sarcasm … Jilly Invented the Word

Background – Me getting an unsweetened Peach Tea from Sonic Happy Hour.  Route 44 baby … that I drink over the course of 2 or 3 days by cutting with water.

Car Hop: I’ll be right back ma’am. None of the stalls having working card readers. I can’t give you your drink until I scan your card.

Me: Huh?!?

Car Hop: Yes ma’am you’d be surprised how many times we get stiffed. Nothing personal. Same rule for everyone. Small amounts still can add up.

Me: Wow! You sure about that sweet cheeks?  Because I am not going anywhere without my card. People really run off , leave their card, and steal a $2 drink??!?

Car Hop: Huh??!?


  1. I did NOT call the car hop sweet cheeks!  That’s harassment.
  2. I know I should pay cash for my $2 tea but I get 10 cents for every $1 I put through on our debit card.  Funny math y’all.  I NEED cash back and will debit anything over a dollar.
  3. I almost said what a dumb-ass rule but stopped myself. <gasp> I know right? I surprised myself too 😉

Bless her heart ❤

As always, more to come.

Fiddler on the Roof/Sunrise Sunset

I feel a novella coming on! Our house at 223 Howerton had a built in double shelf in the hallway for the telephone. There was a place for a note pad and pen and of course the phone book – BIG phone book that doubled as booster seat around the holiday table.  The phone itself a rotary dial, with a cord that stretched for miles.  We had four options – go down the hall to the last bedroom, go the opposite way to the living room, go to the kitchen table or stand by the shelf.  But we were limited to those points.  Not like today where the phone reaches everywhere, fitting in the palm of your hand.

I found a replica of the shelf, I wish I had a picture of the actual.

I have vivid memories of my dad standing at the shelf, talking on the phone with Grandma J. I could not understand most of what he said as he usually spoke in Czech but I pretended I could.  Lol.

You see every single year on HIS birthday, he’d call his mom and CONGRATULATE her on having such a fantastic first born son! And that my friends she did. My dad was fantastic!

For years on his birthday, he’d take us all out to lunch usually at Snoga’s BBQ or Pesos Cafe.  And while it was his b-day, he treated us! He was one of the most giving people I ever knew.

I think of my dad daily with fondness and I am forever grateful for the legacy of love he left to all of us. I can only hope my two look back and think of me like that one day. And oh what I would’t give to be able to call him up today and congratulate him on his Chili aka Jilly.

Here we go again.  Another year in the books.  Should I call this the beginning of my 55th year or end of my 54th?  Funny math y’all gets me every time.  I think I like beginnings better!!

Any Woo.  I might get misty over here so I am going to quit my yacking and get to packing.  For what?  I’ve no idea.  Wishing you the best day ever.

#1linerWeds. 12/19/18

Oh yeah!  Now I get it.  Took me a moment.  Unthawer = freezer.  Lol 🙂  Very similar to Alternate Dictionary.  Woo Hoo!  I can tell this Wednesday is going to be a banner day!!!!!!!!!!

While not exactly the same but in the ball park, I am reminded of when the clerk at the AT&T store who when it came time to pay told me “the card reader was ready for you to strip”.  To which I replied all cheekily, “no thanks, I’ll keep my clothes on”.  Undeterred he said, “no ma’am seriously you have to pay”.  Then I said “well if I strip, someone else should have to pay”   

Let’s just say I am the only one who thinks I am funny.  Poor Lulu practically melted into the floor.  I knew he meant SWIPE all along but he didn’t say that.  He said STRIP. Guess he was thinking STRIPE instead of SWIPE.

I’ve told this story a bazillion times.  Today makes a bazillion plus 1.  Hope your day is stellar.  Muah mi amigos 🙂

If you like to join in the fun of #1linerWeds., lookie here for the Rules and Ping Back