So, … Ya Got Any Royal Purple

Background:  B’s truck, a 2008 Chevy with over 200,000 miles is about to go belly up. He tried to fix it himself.  First a new battery, then a new alternator.  But then, the trouble outgrew his own tenacity.  I wrote a snippet which touched on the saga of Bertha but now I will elaborate.  Aka Ramble.  Aka get the swirling words out of my head.

That day not too long ago, I picked B up from the repair shop.  He borrowed my car to get to the carpool lane while his truck was in queue for diagnosis.  Turns out he needed a new crankshaft.  Temple Hill did the deed.  However, on the day he got his vehicle back, driving off the lot, it died again.

Doh! and Sacrebleu!!  This meant more borrowing my car … which was A-Okay … seeing as I can work from home.  #LuckyassthatIam #TakeNothingForGranted

Two or three days later, he got the truck back for good.  Apparently a wire connecting the crankshaft to whatever a crankshaft attaches to was loose and or corrupted.  Temple Hill fixed the wire which fixed the issue.  Sort of …

Because the truck coded again.  Ya see the computer on the vehicle sends off error codes.  No need for mechanical aptitude mi amigos.  Instead, we need people who can read computer codes and follow instructions.  Ain’t this amazing.  And no that is NOT sarcasm.  Though I’m a bit sad the what my daddy did for a living is a lost art.  Ah the good ole days of shady tree mechanics.  Brains were the computers.  But I digress.  Onward through the fog.

Okay, now to explain the title of this tale.  B is looking for a vehicle but until he finds the perfect specimen, he is keeping Bertha going come hell or high water.  He did not take her back for round three.  Twice was enuf doncha think?  Part of keeping her going is adding oil after each code. And only the best for Bertha – Royal Purple 5 W 30. He asked Lulu and me to pick up a couple of quarts, when we were last at Wally World.  The conversation went like this …

Me: Oh good, they have it.

Lulu: Not 5 W 30, that’s 20.

Me: Well, I am gonna ask if they have any in the shop where they do the oil changes.

We walk around the corner to a nice young gentleman wearing more earrings than I presently own.  (Not judging, just observation).

Me: Do you have any Royal Purple 5 W 30 in the back, only 20 is out on the shelf.

Clerk: Well that’s the best oil.  It’s expensive too.  Not a big seller at this store so we only have it once in a while.

Lulu: Great! more perpetuating the stereotype that we live in da hood.

Why I never!  Or I outta!  Peeps around here … well some are millionaires but then again I guess millionaires aren’t at Wally World asking for a quart or two of Royal Purple. They’re on their yachts drinking champagne and eating caviar.

As always, more to come.





15 thoughts on “So, … Ya Got Any Royal Purple

  1. Spring will hopefully bring the resurrection of our old red van 😛
    I must contribute to your ‘in da hood’ theory. At my Walgreens, no Christmas card for parents. For mom, yes. For dad, yes. No parents ensemble. For this, I drove to my old hood — over the interstate ramp and up a hill — bit more white collar, where I guess the divorce rate is lower?!?! Scored Parent Card. Prolly got Royal Purple there, too.

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    1. Cheers to the old red van being new again.

      And See! I knew it. I am convinced all that point of sale (POS) tracking is paying off now. Stocking based on purchasing patterns has become easier. I try not to get to attached to certain items or I have to travel to get them. Perks of living in da hood because we really do like it here.

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  2. Don’t get me started on the rant that they don’t teach auto shop in high school anymore! When I first started reading I thought that your hubs was looking for a new car in the color Royal Purple…because you know, King of the castle and all…LOL

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  3. I used to joke about driving them till the wheels fall off. Now I learn that folks are out there putting the wheels and back on and plugging along for another 50K. Nothing like pouring in the finest oil into a moto on her last breath. Interesting oily story.

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    1. We run all our vehicles until the wheels fall off. Car has to get me from point A to point B but doesn’t need to look good getting there. Lol :).

      I think I will try the new wheels and plugging along 50k more miles when that happens to mine.

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      1. The navigation system is broke in my Terrain and GMC seems unable to fix it. Can’t believe I am considering another car cuz the feckin’ nav system is messed up. Spoiled, am I?

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  4. I used to own a garage (I’m a transmission rebuilder), my husband is a mechanic. I won’t comment on the code reading follow instructions thing 😂 (if only it were that simple). But I will suggest that with a tired engine – (were it mine) I would go to 10W30 weight oil at least. Takes up excessive clearance and keeps the oil pressure up. I’ve used a 15W40 in an old tired car of mine – won’t hurt anything to try. 😊

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    1. You are so right! I definitely know it takes more than coding reading & following instructions. That’s my lame attempt at humor. Computers have not replaced humans yet :). Kind of cool though to think how things have changed.

      I will recommend the higher oil to B to give it a try.

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