#Sarcasm … Jilly Invented the Word

Background – Me getting an unsweetened Peach Tea from Sonic Happy Hour.  Route 44 baby … that I drink over the course of 2 or 3 days by cutting with water.

Car Hop: I’ll be right back ma’am. None of the stalls having working card readers. I can’t give you your drink until I scan your card.

Me: Huh?!?

Car Hop: Yes ma’am you’d be surprised how many times we get stiffed. Nothing personal. Same rule for everyone. Small amounts still can add up.

Me: Wow! You sure about that sweet cheeks?  Because I am not going anywhere without my card. People really run off , leave their card, and steal a $2 drink??!?

Car Hop: Huh??!?


  1. I did NOT call the car hop sweet cheeks!  That’s harassment.
  2. I know I should pay cash for my $2 tea but I get 10 cents for every $1 I put through on our debit card.  Funny math y’all.  I NEED cash back and will debit anything over a dollar.
  3. I almost said what a dumb-ass rule but stopped myself. <gasp> I know right? I surprised myself too 😉

Bless her heart ❤

As always, more to come.

6 thoughts on “#Sarcasm … Jilly Invented the Word

  1. Ten cents on the dollar? I’d use it for everything. I get 1.5% on my Quicksilver card and use it for everything. Remember the furnace and air conditioner I bought this summer? It went on that card. I got a rebate of over $200. Anytime we can save money or get money, we do.

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    1. Yes it’s a fantastic deal. We were guinea pigs and pilot participants. So far they haven’t stopped it but I keep thinking it’s too good to last much longer.

      Cheers to a $200 rebate. We are the same way.


  2. Dear Sonic, I know you HQ in OKC, but that’s no excuse.
    I do this in Wally world: walking to the door the greeter wants to see my receipt. I can’t help it. “Is what’s in this basket mine or yours?” I get a look. “I paid for it, just over there, ran my CC, at which point is no longer yours. You are suggesting that I would steal from you, or accidently not scan an item.” I hand the receipt over. “Before you touch a damn thing in that cart, ask my permission. It is mine. Not yours.” Ten people have now walked out the door without being eyeballed by the door checker.

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    1. Nice way to help the cause.

      We never get asked anymore. We’ve made friends with our greeter because we go the same time every week. She’ll even ask after Lulu to see how she’s doing now that she’s away at school and doesn’t go with us anymore.

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