#SoCS for 12/15/18 ~ Hairy

Woo Hoo! Time once again to roll with the flow and let my freak flag fly.  Doh! You are mighty giddy Jilly beans. Why yes! Yes I am!  Today my Lulu turns 21!  Wha? Wait! Not possible.  Oh but it is.

Linda says the goose is getting fat and that means Christmas is coming.  Time for another come to Jesus moment.  How is it Christmastime already?  I mean wasn’t it just the 4th of July yesterday? Blink.  Time pulls its’ funny shenanigans. Let’s do the time warp again!!  Without further ado, here is Linda’s the prompt along with the rules and ping back.

Your Friday prompt for Stream of Consciousness Saturday is “hairy.” Use it any way you’d like. Bonus points if you use it to mean more than one thing. Enjoy!

Hmm!!! Think, think and think … Hairy!

Why that’s not very holiday seasonal is it?


Hairy and all you got is you’re hairy because it is almost winter and you have boycotted shaving your legs because well … because you don’t wanna.  TMI.  Why should I have to shave my legs anyway?  Huh?  Bring back the pantyhose.  Hmmm,  never mind.  But tis true, my gams will not see a Bic Lady shaver until Punxsutawney Phil sees his shadow.    Maybe even plus 6 weeks after that!

And because I am uber competitive, I will not stop until I find another meaning for hairy.  C’mon noodle, think, think and think.  Oh ya, I got something.  I was in a hairy situation two days ago when this crazy bitch in her big ole pickem up truck almost ran me down.  I had the right of way and was walking through the cross walk going into Wally World.  B says it didn’t matter that I was right because she was bigger than me.  Yep!  I could’ve been a pancake.  Splat just like the video game Frogger.  I am still shaking.  Could’ve been a big hairy mess.

Welp, I am outta stream y’all.  Going out for a day of celebrating into the wee hours cuz Lulu Belle only turns 21 once.  Happy Saturday.  Hope it’s a good one :).

If you’d like to join us, scroll back up to the link at the top marked rules and ping back.  You’ll be glad ya did.


20 thoughts on “#SoCS for 12/15/18 ~ Hairy

  1. LOL! Hairy legs…one day, out of the blue you’ll be shaving out of routine and look down and say, WTH…why am I going through the motion, there’s no fricken’ hair growing on a daily basis?! Really, it’ll happen – Merry Christmas, something to look forward to in your later years in life! xx Enjoy the birthday celebrations!!

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